We are dedicated to assisting you in your Irish Genealogy research for your roots and records of your family history of past generations as well as providing you with a once in a life time Irish Genealogy tour experience to visit your families original family settlement and walk in the footsteps of your Irish Ancestors.

I will personally guide you on a journey into your past.

my Ireland heritage
my Ireland heritage
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my ireland heritage
my ireland heritage

My Ireland Heritage is dedicated to assisting clients in the search for their Irish family history of past generations.

My Ireland Heritage is dedicated to assisting clients in the Irish genealogy research for their Irish family history of past generations. We offer a variety of competitive research packages and exclusively designed Irish Genealogy tours to cater for your budget and requirements. Our Professionally qualified Irish genealogy research team have developed a reputation for problem solving.

My Ireland Heritage is a Family run business specialising in one to seven day tours of Ireland designed exclusively for and by you to the places in Ireland which matter to you and your family in consultation with us.

We will not only provide you with valuable information on the many ways of tracing your family but also create a tailor made plan to search for your Irish ancestors exclusively with you.

Whilst no reputable genealogist can make any guarantee regarding the number of ancestors they can find, the My Ireland Heritage research team has developed a reputation for problem solving with a 95% success rate to finding your Ancestor, ancestral townsland and most importantly the Original Family settlement.

Our researchers search over 20 million Irish local and national records including Marriage Records, Burial/Death Records, Census Records, Gravestone Inscriptions, Griffith's Valuation, Military Records and even Passenger Lists.

If you have tried to find your origins through any of the many online genealogy sites, you will have discovered the difficulty of overcoming the many obstacles in Irish history. Prior to 1864 some Irish records are either forever lost or very difficult to find as a result of natural disasters. Also in 1922 a catastrophic fire destroyed many of our treasured national records.

Prior to your visit our exploration team visits the sites that may lead us to clues relating to your family’s history, relentlessly searching for information to achieve a positive result for you. Wherever in Ireland you feel your spiritual home is, we will visit these sites working with local historians that may lead us to clues of your roots.

Working as a team with you to create something that will be with you for the rest of your life, My Ireland Heritage is your key to unlocking the door to your families past. If you’d like to talk to us and find out more, contact us now and find out how we can open the doors to your past.

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