Renewing your Vows at the Church of your Ancestors

Renewing your Vows at the Church of your Ancestors

A Beautiful Day in County Clare

The team at My Ireland Heritage gave my family and me a beautiful day in my ancestral town of Carigaholt in County Clare!
They made sure it was a day we will never forget starting with Aisling handling all the particulars – always returning my emails and answering my slew of questions in a timely fashion.
Sean then took the reins and made arrangements for a vow renewal ceremony that I had mentioned to him as an idea several months earlier to celebrate my husband’s and my 35 years of marriage.
He located my family’s ancestral church, contacted the priest directly to arrange the day and time and followed up to make sure that everything was a go.
My girls and I were picked up at our cottage by wonderful Ian who packed all our bags into the car, did double duty as a photographer, loaded us all in and completely entertained us on the 1+hour drive to the church.
The ceremony was lovely and so personal knowing that my own ancestors celebrated their marriages in that very church.
Afterwards, Sean jumped in with Ian to patiently take some more photos of our special celebration and then we were off to locate the Curtins and O’Donnells!
Our trip to the towns, cemeteries, lands and cottages that made up my family’s story was enthusiastically narrated by Sean who’s passion for Irish history was palpable.
There were so many wonderful moments but the highlights of our journey would have to be walking in the field next to Carrigaholt Tower, planting a bulb next to my great aunt Bridget O’Dea’s grave, standing by the remnants of the O’Donnell cottage and sitting on the wall in front of my great,great grandparents Mary O’Donnell and Peter Curtin’s cottage which is still standing today as well as talking to my Irish cousin Mary who Sean put me in touch with.
Our experience was capped off by a wonderful family history book and special painting among other remembrances.
A heartfelt thank- you to Aisling, Sean and Ian for
A Beautiful Day in County Clare !
Kathy R. And family



Kathleen’s Journey is not unusual with My Ireland family Heritage clients. We take each story seriously and pride ourselves on delivering The Correct Church & Graveyard the family used on a daily basis from 1600s to 1900s, not just ” The Civil Parish ” found on records.

We also take great pride in finding the exact House the family once lived in around the time of the Great Famine 1845-50. In fact we can find your exact house as far back as 1820 substantiated with “Facts”. If you can supply us with a factual document or we find a factual document in our research we can then proceed with a project based on our research.

It is imperative that when you do Genealogy Research you must find the Correct Church your Family once used in the 1800s and Not the Civil Parish mentioned in the various records. This is very significant should you wish to renew your vows and also thanks in no uncertain Terms to the parish Priest Fr Michael Casey in this instance who was enormously helpful in bringing this project to pass.