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  • star ratingWhat an experience! I have always been fascinated by my family history. I’ve tried to research my Irish roots for years, but I’ve always run into roadblocks. I came across... read more

    avatar thumb Cherilyn D
    September 30, 2023
  • star ratingAn amazing experience with family - Working with Aisling who is overseas and located in a time zone ahead of mine was surprisingly smooth. Communication was professional, efficient and responsive, making it easy to coordinate tours... read more

    avatar thumb traceylmartin
    September 11, 2023
  • star ratingFabulous experience! - My husband and I had the opportunity to visit Ireland for only one day this past August off a cruise. I reached out to My Ireland Heritage Tours to see... read more

    avatar thumb Storyteller623792
    September 8, 2023
  • star ratingFamily Research With Snapshot Product - A few years ago, I took a full day genealogy tour with Sean and Ian which was a fantastic experience.  On short notice, I had an opportunity to come back... read more

    avatar thumb Robert R
    September 6, 2023
  • star ratingVisit to Irish Family History Sites - My wife and I totally enjoyed our trip. It could not have gone better. While I had already done much of the research, there was little pieces of information they... read more

    avatar thumb Dan F
    August 30, 2023
  • star ratingIncredibly Amazing full of Culture & History - This is the second time my family and I have traveled to Ireland and we just can't go without including Sean, Ian and Aisling in our travels. They are incredibly... read more

    avatar thumb Monika B
    August 20, 2023
  • star ratingVisiting ancestral homelands in Ireland - We had the best experience working with My Ireland Family Heritage to learn about the Ireland story of our Irish ancestors. Their experienced and expert research, well documented in... read more

    avatar thumb 376lancee
    August 1, 2023
  • star ratingFinding My Roots in County Cavan - We had an absolutely terrific tour with Sean in County Cavan. We would never have found the exact spot where our ancestors were from without his research and relationships... read more

    avatar thumb morcas4
    July 30, 2023
  • star ratingA must service for tours of your ancestors! You might meet a relative - This was the most amazing tour I have ever done. I had tried researching my family using Ancestry but it can only take you so far. When reading the Rick... read more

    avatar thumb Ruben P
    July 15, 2023
  • star ratingWonderful experience with every step - Three of my dad's grandparents were Irish emigrants. I gave Sean what information I had gathered and he was able to locate the land where one of the families lived... read more

    avatar thumb beverleyp678
    July 12, 2023

Wonderful Experience

October 10, 2019

Our tour with Seán was the highlight of our trip. It was so amazing to see the church where my great great great grandparents were married and to see where they lived. I got to meet some distant relatives which was wonderful as well. We were able to see some additional sites such as the Hill of Tara, a famine graveyard and famine house.

Seán is very knowledgeable of Irish history and is obviously very passionate. He is very good at his job! I would recommend this trip to anyone wishing to see their family’s homeland in an authentic experience.

Longford Ancestors

September 29, 2019

Sean met us at the hotel in Longford, and it was apparent right away that he was passionate about genealogy and Irish history. He was well prepared, and we were able to locate the remaining walls of the clachans that my ancestors lived in. We were also able to visit the churches and cemeteries involved. He had a nice way about getting information from the locals. The information he had was like drinking water from a fire hose. I wish we had more than one day to explore.
But my 5 star also has to do with Sean answering questions I had after I returned, and willingness to seek out more information from leads we developed that day.

Our “My Ireland Family Heritage Tour” Was Amazing!

September 21, 2019

We recently engaged “My Ireland Family Heritage” to locate the Irish Townland in County Mayo where our immigrant ancestors lived prior to coming to the United States. The search was successful! We were provided with an escorted tour of our ancestral homeland, including the local churches where they worshipped, their housing locations and the farmland that they worked! We were introduced to local residents who had recollections of and information regarding our ancestors in the area. The “My Ireland Family Heritage” research team combed cemeteries, and governmental records exhaustively to assemble for us a complete and detailed report of our ancestors who once resided in the area. We were provided with historical information regarding the people and their culture of the time. A thousand questions were asked and answered. All of this was provided as Storm Lorenzo was bearing down on us with heavy wind and rains. Nothing stopped Ian Darragh from his task to provide us with the experience we had long sought to have in our ancestral homeland. Their detailed knowledge of Ireland history and how events impacted our ancestors was amazing. Sean Quinn provided us with a tour of Historical Sites throughout County Meath and an understanding of the development of Irish culture throughout the various time periods. His understanding of the various details of the stone, bronze and iron ages were unparalleled. It is one thing to know something, but to be able to present it in terms that an uniformed party would understand is a gift. Sean possesses that gift, we had the most amazing two days with “My Ireland Heritage Tours”. The beautifully bound and illustrated book of our ancestors from County Mayo will be a keepsake to be passed down through the generations of our family

My Ireland Family Heritage

September 15, 2019

My Ireland Family Heritage is an Irish Family businesses dedicated to assisting you in your quest to Walk in the Footsteps of your Ancestors and visit their exact Irish family homestead. Trust me; they deliver the most magnificent ancestral tour that anyone could imagine. They are for sure the best in Ireland and I highly recommend them.

Words and rating numbers cannot describe my experience with this amazing group of people. Aisling takes care of every email, request, and detail of the tours in the most professional manner. When Sean calls for the 1st time, you know you have made the right choice and that you are in “good hands.” Without Sean’s research there would have been no way of finding out about my father. Also when you meet him for Meath Tour you learn, in one day, more of the history of Ireland than one could imagine. Finally, there is Ian. Ian took us on the Ancestral Tour and I have not yet found a proper word to describe him or what took place that day. Thanks to all his reconnaissance we were able to visit the town lands, churches, graveyards of my ancestors. However, the most amazing part of the day was when he took us to the exact farm my father lived on in the early 1900’s and lasted visited in 1955. Ian had also found a man who knew him and my grandmother and went with us to the farm as a historical guide of the entire area.

I do not know, if I will ever truly comprehend all that the My Ireland Family Heritage family provided me. I do know that I can highly recommend them to anyone looking for the greatest ancestral tours of Ireland.

Sean is The Man!

Reviewed September 7, 2019

In February 2019, I first contacted MIHT to review tour

That was only the beginning of getting unique access, as a few examples follow:
– Sean ensured that Trim Castle would have tickets available for us at the end of that first day. Tickets are normally distributed on a first-come-first serve basis.
– Sean was persistent in getting an important cemetery plot map when his contact repeatedly had difficulty in emailing the map to him.
– Sean enabled us to meet my 2nd cousin and stand in the house where my 2nd great grandmother was born and raised. We delighted in the lunch our host provided.
– There were several other cemeteries where Sean had contacted town officials to identify burial sites of possible ancestors. In one cemetery, Sean had learned that a great aunt was buried with only a rock grave marker.
– Again, Sean through his previous reconnaissance for us prior to our arrival, enabled us to meet with a potential cousin and his family. Another lovely lunch, and their children played their violins for the group.

Prio to our arrival in Ireland, I had presented Sean with information I was in the process of discovering related to ancestors who were Vikings and Normans in Ireland. Sean took this information and incorporated it into our tour having recognized how important that was to us.

I highly recommend My Ireland Family Heritage. My adult children who previously had only a limited interest in our family history and not a great deal of knowledge of Ireland’s past, were amazed about Ireland’s history, culture, and our family tree came to life for them.

If anyone has any questions about my experience, leave a comment to my review and I’ll get back to you.

Discovering Kinsfolk in Kilva, Cloyne, County Cork

Reviewed September 3, 2019

My recent journey to Ireland in hopes of discovering my Irish ancestral roots of the Neile family in Kilva, Cloyne, County Cork was made a reality with the guidance of Sean Quinn from My Ireland Family Heritage. The day was truly a remarkable experience! Sean had thoroughly researched my Neile ancestors prior my visit. He took me to a number of small towns, churches, and cemeteries where the Neile family lived, practiced their faith, and were buried. Sean had copies of the vital statistics of my ancestors and the histories of each town, church, and cemetery bound in a keepsake book. With the assistance of authentic land records, Sean brought me the the Neile property where my ancestors lived and worked as farmers in the 1800’s. This experience brought tears to my eyes. Sean’s skillful ability in explaining the historical records of the Neile family was extraordinary. Sean was able to link the Kilva Neiles with the American O’Neils by creating the chain of events which led many of my Irish ancestors to emigrate from Cobh, County Cork in the early 1840’s. My pride as an O’Neil grew that day in Kilva, as I learned of my strong Irish heritage and deep-rooted Irish culture. I also learned of my ancestors great story of bravery, courage, and survival as some of my ancestors continued to live in and around Kilva during the time of the Great Famine. Their values of family love, firm faith, and a strong commitment to hard work still inspire my family to this day.
I would highly recommend Sean Quinn and his team of researchers from My Ireland Family Heritage to others who would like to uncover their family roots and discover their unique individual family story from Ireland’s past.

Experience of a Lifetime

Reviewed August 31, 2019

I traveled to Ireland in July with my daughter and son-in-law. Both my mother’s parents were born and raised in County Mayo, so we wanted to make it a “heritage trip”. I am so glad we used “My Ireland Heritage Tours”. It was a delight working with Aisling, who figured out our logistics beautifully. And Sean was a wonderful guide. After a couple of stops at historic sites on the way, he took us to several cemeteries and churches. But the absolute highlight was seeing my ancestor’s land. It gave me goosebumps to tread where my great-great-grandparents trod so many years ago. Many thanks to Aisling, Sean, and “My Ireland Heritage Tours” for the experience of a lifetime!

Great Attention to Detail

Reviewed August 27, 2019

We took our father to Ireland for his 70th birthday & surprised him with a family genealogy consultation with Sean.

Sean came to our Airbnb in Dublin and provided a thorough overview on his finding for my great grandparents who emigrated to the US from county Mayo 100+ years ago. Unfortunately the personalized tour was too expensive for us, so Sean gave us everything we needed to know when touring Mayo on our own in our rental car. He provided both past and modern day maps that were meticulously drawn up showing where we needed to look for things off the main roads. His breadth of knowledge on Irish history and genealogy in general is truly staggering. My dad was practically in shock when Sean went over his findings for our family. He has so much information it was almost overwhelming. If learning about your family history is even remotely important to you or other family members, I’d recommend My Ireland Heritage!

How to improve on a Trip of a Lifetime

Reviewed August 23, 2019

Our Trip of a Lifetime originally took place in September 2018. My sister and I asked ourselves, how do you improve on something like that? Well, you return 9 months later with your children to share the amazing experience! It was the perfect college graduation gift for each of these three cousins.

Sean and Ian showed us an amazing time taking us through the sites and history of Kildare, Dublin, Rock of Cashel, Killarney, The Ring of Kerry, Cliffs of Moher, Dromolland Castle, Sligo, Enischrone, Donegal, and Londonderry. Aisling planned the perfect itinerary leaving just enough time for some rest and relaxation at each spot. We were thrilled to finally meet you, Aisling! They even pulled off getting tickets for a last minute request to tour a distillery (Teeling Distillery).

The highlight of this trip was seeing the awe and wonder in our kids eyes. Seeing them relish in the history of this beautiful country and be awestruck by the visit to our ancestral grounds will be with us forever. We thank you for your warmth and friendliness, attention to detail, and wealth of knowledge. We will be back…

Amazing Personalized Genealogy Tour

Reviewed August 20, 2019

Sean and the My Ireland Family Heritage Team provided an amazing experience during my recent trip to Ireland. My aunt and I had been researching our family history for about 15 years. Sean was able to research our Ireland family connection in more detail than we could have ever expected! Sean and his team were able to discover the reason our family emigrated from Ireland. He picked us up promptly from out hotel in Dublin and drove us to County Cork. He took us to multiple churches and graveyards associated with our family, which unlocked more clues relating to our family. We visited multiple townlands where our family lived, and stood on the exact locations where the houses our ancestors once stood. Prior to our visit Sean went to these townlands to collect information and to make sure that our tour was efficient and spectacular! Without Sean, it would have taken us numerous days to travel to all of the locations he took us to. He is a wealth of knowledge, and was able to answer very specific questions in great detail. There is no doubt in my mind that Sean and the My Ireland Family Heritage team offer the best genealogical research and tour service in Ireland! The individualized custom family tour is an experience you will never forget. I look forward to using their services in the future for other branches of my Irish family!

Sean made this the best experience! I can not thank him enough!

Reviewed August 5, 2019

Sean found where my ancestor lived and took my daughter and I there even though the cottage was no longer standing. A local resident pointed out where the foundation stones once were. Sean also took us to see what was left of the home of on the maternal line of the family that I had not even known about. He found the local Church that family members were buried. This was the most outstanding of experiences! The tour of County Meath and Sean’s interest in history truly brought Irish history alive. I very must suggest you do this Tour with Sean or his family! My daughter is not a history buff but she truly thought the experience was very educational and enjoyed it very much! When I return to Ireland I will most definitely hire My Ireland Heritage Tours and will recommend them to all my friends! I gave them very little notice of what I wanted and they did an outstanding job! I feel very connected to my Irish heritage thanks to Sean! Aisling was very helpful with train and hotel details. It is a blessing to find such warm and caring people!

Awesome ancestral tour with Ian at the helm

Reviewed August 4, 2019

On August 1, 2019 Ian picked me up in Trim for my much anticipated trip to discover more about my father’s family, the Lonergans. I was not disappointed. My friend Neloni came along for the ride. Right from the start Ian made us feel comfortable, relaxed, and looked after. It was like he was a long lost cousin happy to see us. He drove us to Tipperary County to the Rock of Cashel (amazing!) and to Cahir where he showed me the land where my great, great, great, great (Wow!) grandfather’s family lived and the graveyard and church where many were baptized and buried. You see I’ve never met another Lonergan outside my own family in California so it was an emotional experience. Ian was so informative and a wealth of knowledge about Irish history. He had both my friend and I plant a daffodil in the graveyard, brought us to lunch, introduced us to a lady who lives on the property where my ancestors were employed, and just went out of his way to accommodate not only me, but my friend as well. He is passionate about imparting knowledge of the real Ireland: it’s ancient past and present. I can’t wait to sit down and read all the research Sean, Ian, and Aisling put into making my day memorable forever! You guys rock! If you want to know about your Irish heritage or just about the history of anywhere in Ireland, My Ireland Heritage is well worth it. As Ian said, “This is your day. You are home.

Family Heritage

Reviewed July 25, 2019

I was lucky enough to find Sean and Aisling a few weeks before our trip. It was late notice for them no doubt, but they were able to trace my roots and put together a complete day trip for us in time for our arrival. It was a truly amazing experience and we learned so much that day. He brought us to where my ancestors farmed before emigrating to America and several cemeteries and churches. it was just a phenomenal experience. It’s a day we won’t forget. The book and other goodies is just remarkable.
Thank you!!

Irish Roots

Reviewed July 23, 2019

We just returned from a rather spontaneous trip to Ireland. It was amazing ! The people, the culture, the music, and the scenery alone. An example and testament to this was our contact and overall experience with Sean and Aisling from My Ireland Heritage Tours. We literally contacted Sean 3 weeks prior to our travel date, just in the off chance that they could assist with the confirmation, validation and further narrowing of 3 family lines based solely on the last known individual in Ireland from each of these families. After proving committed but simply too last minute for the full escorted tour experience, Sean still came through. Through three calls to us and some late evening work he was able to deliver on the required information and location of all 3 family homesteads to reference via a self drive solution. Sean went over and above by reaching out to local contacts and churches in each region to facilitate meetings and church / graveyard access. Great personality, high energy and a wealth of knowledge about Ireland, ancestry, records, tourism and life in general. Highly recommended !!!

Family Treasure

Reviewed July 19, 2019

Wow! To walk in the footsteps of my Clarke family is an experience to be told and retold to my family! Sean, Ian, and Aisling prepare so well for the day of the tour that we didn’t miss a beat. Had a lovely lunch with new friends at a hotel and pub owned by the family more than 100 years ago. Found the church and cemetery and finished the day meeting a cousin who gave us details of current family. This adventure far exceeded my expectations. The book with history and pertinent documents is beautifully done as well.

Discovering Arcadne, County Roscommon

Reviewed July 17, 2019

What an amazing gift! We traveled to Ireland with my parents and children, as my father has always wanted to see the place where his family is from. Sean’s research and Ian’s guidance for a full day in County Roscommon allowed us to see the land where my father’s family home had been, and visit churches and cemeteries full of our family name. We also enjoyed being able to support a family business – thanks to Sean, Aisling and Ian for your work to make sure this was a meaningful visit for our family.

Fun Family Trip

Reviewed June 21, 2019

Because of Ian and Sean we were able to fit so much in to our one week trip. They are incredibly knowledgeable and were able to time everything so that we could see so much of Ireland. They are also both so sweet and definitely take care of their clients! I will definitely be going back to them next time I am there!

A moving and memorable experience

Reviewed July 13, 2019

A certificate from a family genealogy book led us to the church that our family left in 1804 to come to America. Not only did Sean arrange to have the church open for us so we could sit in the pew, but he also arranged for the church’s long time member to meet us there and give us the history and stories about the congregation and building. It was a most memorable and moving experience.

Sean’s extensive knowledge of genealogy and Irish history entertained us throughout the day. He expertly drove us to all the towns, parishes, and cemeteries that referenced our family. On the way back to Dublin we stopped in Downpatrick to visit the tomb of St. Patrick for a surprise, and then to a passage tomb and to Monasterboice to see the ruins of the old monastery. Because Sean visited the location prior to taking us there, our visit was efficient, and thoroughly encompassed everything we could possibly have seen relating to our family.

Discovering Irish roots

Reviewed June 20, 2019

An article in American Airlines Magazine about discovering you Irish Roots put me in touch with As a gift to my wife , we employed their services as a piece of an Ireland vacation we already had planned in May. We contacted them in March.. and boy did they hustle on our behalf. With just some basic background information about my wife’s grandparents we spent the day with genealogist and historian Sean Quinn discovering the family townland, viewing one of 3 houses they occupied, going to the family cemetery and meeting cousins my wife didn’t know she had! That was the most incredible part of the day. Sean prides himself on local reconnaissance . He doesn’t just research online facts, he goes to the area and matches his facts with local sites, and person to person research. That’s the difference! Had he not gone to Co. Mayo and driven up and down small lanes and knocked on doors prior to our arrival, our family reunion would never have occurred! We experienced genuine Irish hospitality with Sean, his daughter Aisling with whom we conducted all our business arrangements, and our new found family. We can’t say enough. This was an experience of a lifetime!

Amazing experience

Reviewed June 14, 2019

My family (kids, wife and grandparents) were excited to learn more about our Irish heritage. Sean and company met and exceeded our expectations. We walked on a small road country ultimately meeting distant relatives. The added treat was walking in our great, great, great grandparents home and gazing upon their hearth.

Truly an amazing experience!!! A+++


Reviewed June 16, 2019

We spent the day with Sean traveling through small Irish villages, searching through graveyards, talkings with local people, visiting churches which was captivating for young and old! Sean did so much work in preparation for our visit and provided an incredible amount of information – documents, photos, records – to tell the story of our family heritage. It was a day children, parents and grandparents will never forget. My Ireland Heritage Tours did an amazing job providing a magical day for our family. Thank you so much!

Awesome tour of Ireland!

Reviewed June 14, 2019

My group of 6 toured Ireland with Sean and Ian and had an amazing time. They did a great job of keeping us engaged with Irish history, beautiful views, and great stops all over the country. Would absolutely recommend for any group who is looking for a personal touch to an Irish adventure!

Such an amazing family trip!

Reviewed June 13, 2019

Ian was an amazing guide! My grandmother researched her ancestry back to County Tyrone and Ian did an incredible job showing us exactly where her family was from. He was so informative and knowledgeable! County Tyrone was beautiful and is a place I hope to visit again! Thank you so very much!

A wonderful experience

Reviewed June 11, 2019

This was my mother’s first trip outside the US, and I wanted to do something special for her while we were in Ireland. I reached out to My Ireland Heritage and our experience was nothing short of spectacular (except for having a bit of rain that day). Our guide was Ian who was very knowledgeable about Irish history and had done a lot of work in visiting locations where my family resided back in the 1800s. Thank you to Sean, Aisling, and Ian for giving my mom and I an experience of a lifetime! I look forward to bringing my two daughters to visit when they get a bit older and wouldn’t hesitate to work with My Ireland Heritage again.

More than I ever imagined!

Reviewed June 3, 2019

I could write a book about how wonderful Aisling, Seán and Ian are, as genealogy researchers, tour guides, and historians. The depth of knowledge of my family’s history was incredible, they were able to show me where my family would have lived on the land, and also in town.

Unfortunately I had no family still in the area, but as they’d left the area at the time of the famine, that’s not surprising. I couldn’t believe I was actually standing where members of my family had once stood more than a century earlier,

After my amazing Ancestry Tour with Ian, Seán took me to Co. Meath, Bru na boinne, the Hill of Tara, and many other places the next day, and Kilkenny Castle, amongst others the day after that. II was amazed at the knowledge he had about Ireland, and the passion with which he shared it. I can only hope I remember half of it. Seán is such a kind man who wants everyone to share the love he has for Ireland.

On my final day, Ian took me down to Wicklow to Powerscourt House & Gardens, to Glendalough, and on a most spectacular trip through the mountains, he showed me views that were so beautiful I wouldn’t have believed them to be possible. Like Seán, Ian loves to share the stories and history of this amazing country.

I have mobility issues, and both Seán and Ian were very patient with me, making sure I coped with the sometimes long, and uneven paths and tracks. They are such gentlemen.

I leave in a few days, and can’t wait to see my family when I get home, but at the same time, I fell so at home here in Ireland that I don’t want to leave.

I seriously recommend My Ireland Heritage Tours to anyone wanting a tour of Ireland with guides who are not only passionate about there country, but know it well. I only hope I can get the money to get them to take me around and teach me more about this country when I bring my grandchildren over.

Beannaigh Dia, agus taisteal sábháilte.

Go raibh maith agat do ghach Rud.

Mother/Son Trip

Reviewed May 20, 2019

We were checking out our ancestors in Ireland and my sons 30th birthday and mother’s day fell on the same day so we decided we needed to go and find some of our relatives. we found My Ireland Heritage and what they did and do is far and beyond my expectations. They found more family members than I thought we had. We were able to see my grandfathers street where he used to live, his school, and his church. They found the cemetery where my great grandparents are buried. Aisling has a beautiful idea for the families. She gives them three bulbs. Two to plant on the grave of your relatives and one for you to take home. When the flowers bloom there we can look at our plant and remember them. I wonderful touch. The research and time that Sean spends on your family information is crazy. He is a wealth of information. Our guide Ian was awesome and his knowledge of Irelands history is wild. They are a family and they bring you into the family fold. You want your history and walk in their foot steps I recommend using My Ireland Heritage. I will be using them again when I am ready to do the other side of the family and find out more about the Vikings. Thank you everyone for an awesome experience. Tracey and Ryan

A visit to the homeland

Reviewed May 10, 2019

It was a great experience. We enjoyed our day long trip with our guide Ian. They really did their research and were able to establish the area our family came from. We are so glad we choose My Ireland Heritage.

More than I ever dreamed it would be

Reviewed May 7, 2019

Sean Quinn from my Irish Heritage found family for us!!!! We
came to Ireland hoping to visit the area my grandparents came from years ago, perhaps see their church, family cemetery, maybe ruins of a house. Our visit was beyond all expectations. The preliminary information we shared with My Irish Heritage was modest But, the experience we had with genealogist Sean Quinn was beyond remarkable.
We spent the day together visiting multiple sites and through his insights, we came away with an incredible appreciation for the life my grandparents may have had in Ireland. We saw everything I’d hope to see. However, the very best part was Sean’s discovery of family still in the area who he personally sought out, and then introduced us to. Now we all have a connection we didn’t know existed! Our time with them was wonderful.
We dealt with Aisling regarding all preliminary service communications. It was seamless and timely. The bound book we received containing our family research is a treasure. We are so happy to have engaged My Irish Heritage Tours. Can’t say enough

The land of my ancestors

Reviewed May 3, 2019

Sean picked me up from my hotel early one morning last week. From the moment we met, I knew I had made the right decision in hiring this company. Sean and Aisling are so helpful, kind and considerate. Aisling has answered all of my questions and concerns honestly, with compassion and in a timely manner. Sean fulfilled my decades long dream of walking in the soil of my ancestors. I didn’t know then how it would be accomplished. I found some information a few years ago that led me to a specific piece of land. From then on I knew, one day, I would get there. And I did.

Ireland’s history, past and present, unfolded as Seán was driving. He has an incredible knowledge of his country and is not shy in sharing! During the many hours we spent together, I saw and learned so much.

Co Cavan and Fermanagh was our destination. As we arrived at the adjoining farms of my ggg grandfather James Magee and his son Johnston Magee, my gg grandfather, a sense of peace settled on my shoulders. I was home. It was so peaceful there. Only the remnants of the stone foundations and walls are still there but in my mind I could imagine the farms. Beautiful views. It seems that Johnston and his family were the last of the line in Ireland and emigrated to Canada in the 1850’s. I’m glad they did.

Through Seán, I met wonderful people who helped in my journey. As well as my family’s farm, he showed me the surrounding area where their lives were lived. He brought their physical existence to life. They were no longer names on a page.

I will be forever grateful for all his effort on my behalf. I am looking forward to sharing this with my relatives back home.

My thanks to Aisling and Sean for making my dream come true. Without them, our family wouldn’t have this information to pass along to future generations.

With a grateful heart, Sherry


Wonderful experience

Reviewed April 30, 2019

We went expecting to find the townland. We did and in addition Ian found the old ruin of the house. This was very unexpected but wonderful. We enjoyed Ian’s company and his excellent grasp of Irish History to go along with the wonderful sights. the whole experience with Aisling and Sean was beyond our expections.Thank you again to The entire company. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone searching for their spot in Ireland. I would indeed to it again.

My Ireland Heritage Tour Rocked!

Reviewed April 30, 2019

What a fabulous day! From contacting Aisling and Sean to do the planning and genealogy, through meeting Ian at the hotel for our tour, and the personalized remembrance from Pauline this was a special way to experience Ireland. They went out of their way to arrange a renewal of our vows with Fr. Kenny at the church of our ancestors and we meet up with “relatives” on the farm where our ancestors worked. We saw the castle, the shops and the houses that were there when our ancestors left to boldly face the new world across the “pond”. Not just another bus trip – this tour is all about your ancestors and your experience. Thanks, My Ireland Heritage Tours!

Still pinching myself

Reviewed April 23, 2019

Two weeks ago I took the trip of a lifetime with Ian at My Ireland Heritage Tours.

50 years ago I came to Ireland with my father looking for his grandmother’s childhood home in County Clare. She had raised my father and was very dear to him. We never found it. My dad passed away 6 years ago and I felt called to retrace our steps and try to locate the McNamara family homestead. I contacted Aisling and Sean and gave them all the information I had and hoped for the best.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine what was in store for me.

When we arrived in Dublin, Ian picked up us at our hotel and whisked us across the country to a village called Feakle in County Clare to begin our day. Aisling, Sean and Ian had done extensive research prior to our arrival and Ian had taken a trip out to Clare beforehand to do in-person research to physically map out the findings.

I came that day with a lot of prayers and small red Sunday Missal that belonged to my great grandmother. Boy were my prayers answered! Our first stop was to the house of a neighbor named Kevin who now owns the land my family had lived on. Kevin invited my husband and I for tea in his home and told us first hand stories about my family. After a short drive into deep farmland we stopped and put on our wellie boots for a hike to the top of a muddy hill. And there it was. This magnificent ruin of my family’s home, complete with the fireplace still in tact. It took my breath away. The views from the land stretched for miles and could have been out of a Hollywood movie! I could have stayed all day.. but there was more to see. Ian had another surprise!

Our next stop was at the church of St. Mary that overlooked Loch Graney and my family’s land. Ian had found the gravestone where my great, great, grandmother, great, great, grandfather and my great uncle were laid to rest. He gave my husband Chris and I flower bulbs to plant at the grave and I prayed over my ancestors with my great grandmothers little bible. It was a profoundly moving moment in my life. One I will cherish forever.

I left Ireland two weeks ago with two bound books that captured all of this history and Sean’s wife sent me away with a hand painted picture of the land where my great grandmother began her life.

There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Ian, Aisling and Sean. While my dad never got to see it with his own eyes, he saw it through mine and I am truly blessed.

Still pinching myself…..

“A trip we will never forget”

Reviewed April 7, 2019

Aisling was the first person I had contact with, and she was a delight. Always answering my questions via email, assisting with payments, offering travel information etc… Sean called me to discuss any information I already had and what I had hoped to uncover. Sean is extremely easy to talk to and you can immediately tell that he loves his job.

Sean picked my mother and I up from our hotel and off we went. Sean took us to County Cavan to meet a family member. She invited us into her home for tea and cookies. She then drove us all over the land which our ancestors lived. Her and Sean were like two peas in a pod, very excited to talk about the town as well as the history of Ireland. We had to say goodbye and move onto County Westmeath. We were able to see churches, cemeteries and gravesite of ancestors, streets our ancestors lived on and worked at, the train station used by family members.

The day was perfect, Sean was with us all day. When we went to lunch with Sean, I even got to speak to Aisling for the first time which was the cherry on top!

Thank you Sean and Aisling for making this a trip my mother and I will never forget!
Kelly & Barbara

Walking in the paths of my ancestors

Reviewed March 5, 2019

My niece and I enjoyed a wonderful day with Ian from My Ireland Heritage on February 16, 2019. Once I decided to go to Ireland, I knew I wanted to visit the area in Counties Armagh and Tyrone that my ancestors were from. I reached out to My Ireland Heritage. I shared with them the information I already had. They did additional research and planned a trip that took us to various townlands, showing us the plots of land rented by members of my extended family. We walked down the street where my family had lived in Blackwatertown and visited the nearby church and cemetery frequented by my ancestors.

Ian met us at my hotel in Dublin and from the start was friendly and made us feel comfortable as we traveled out of Dublin and up to the north, with a few stops along the way. Clearly a lot of preparation had been done to make this a special day. Ian had previously visited the area, met with local folks and mapped out the day in such a way to best present the information. He was receptive to what we wanted to do and see during the day as well as to any questions we asked, and explained each of the stops along the way. The research Sean did is a treasure trove that combines specific results on the extended family with general information to give context to the specific information. I am still going through it all. Aisling was responsive and informative as she coordinated the logistics and details of the research and tour. Sean also stayed in touch, providing information about the research and the tour, and answering any questions. .

The day spent with Ian, and the underlying research done by Sean, really helped me feel a greater connection to and give a context to what I know about that side of my family.

If you are interested in bringing your family’s past to life by seeing where you’re ancestors are from, I encourage you to check out My Ireland Heritage.

Kells County

Reviewed January 24, 2019

Sean presented a tour of Kells County which included buildings where my ancestors stood to interviews with people who could and have provided valuable information to the heritage quest. Fascinating! If you wish to know your family from Ireland you must call on Sean and his heritage tour family. I will be returning after I uncover additional details whereas I will know my family ancestors as if they were here to meet in person.

Sean and Aisling filled in the gaps in my search for my family history

Reviewed 9th January 2019

I took a chance with Sean and Aisling in the pursuit of filling in the gaps in my family history tree, and am so glad I did. Sean and Aisling are complete professionals, their work and diligent attention to detail is second to none. I highly recommend them to anyone pursuing their own Irish ancestry. The bound volume they sent has become a family heirloom and provided details for our visit to Ireland where we were guided by them to important historic sites. In particular the 2 hour phone session with Sean before we left and his constant support at the end of the phone whenever we needed it was comforting. I highly recommend them to any other Aussie who is chasing up their family tree.

We are planning our next trip!

Reviewed 5th January 2019

We loved our experience so much, we are in the process of planning our next trip to visit where my mom is from.

A wonderful personalized tour of my Irish ancestors

Reviewed 27th October 2018

I cannot thank Sean and Aisling enough for putting together all the detailed information about my ancestor in Kildare. The personalised tour of all his local places including where his house once stood is something I will never forget. My highlight was meeting some locals and being welcomed into their house for tea.

I really appreciate all the digging Sean did to find my ancestor and his encyclopaedic knowledge of Ireland’s history. It was a great day and Sean did everything to make it informative and enjoyable. I would certainly recommend him to anyone wanting to trace thier Irish roots.

Great Trip

Reviewed 22nd October 2018

We had a wonderful tour with Sean and Ian. Although we were there for my wife’s family, I’m inspired to research my own Irish family now. Thanks again for the great tour.

A Marvelous Trip Through Time

Reviewed 22nd October 2018

When we finally determined one of my wife’s immigrant, Irish ancestors came from Trim in County Meath in the late 1840s, we decided a trip to Ireland was in order. The County Meath tourism web page included a link to My Ireland Heritage Tours. After visiting their site and then seeing all the positive TripAdvisor reviews, we decided to engage Sean and his team to research those Irish ancestors and provide two tours: an ancestral tour and a historical tour of County Meath. Last week we had the tours and have been talking about it ever since. There is a reason for all the positive reviews!

We highly recommend My Ireland Heritage Tours. You can expect a professional, personalized operation. The entire staff went out of their way to make the two days memorable for us. Aisling worked with us to book the tours and coordinate schedules. Sean coordinated the genealogy research and gave us — a party of four — the ancestral tour. Ian gave us the County Meath historical tour.

Sean picked us up at the Dublin airport and took us to our B&B in Trim on our arrival, the day before the ancestral tour. On the ancestral tour, he picked us up, detailed for us what he had found in his research, gave us background information on the area at the time of emigration, and took us to the different sites associated with our ancestors. We visited the parish church, hiked through remote cemeteries to see graves, and even through farm fields to see the site of the home of one of the ancestors. But best of all, we met the distant cousin who now owns that land and later that day shared a drink in a pub with another distant cousin. How exciting to meet relatives in the old country!

The next day, Ian picked us up for a historical tour of County Meath, the ancient capital of Ireland. The area is packed with history. We walked historic fields and toured Neolithic sites. We went through ruins of castles, abbeys, and churches. At the end of the day, Ian took us to our lodgings in Dublin.

Sean and Ian are very knowledgeable and great guides. They were very personable and — most importantly — focused on our satisfaction. No big tour group here! We received a bound book with the genealogy findings, and a lifetime of memories.

Visiting my Past

Reviewed 10th October 2018

We spent a wonderful day with Sean seeing County Meath and County Louth where my ancestors lived. Visited the homestead where my great great grandfather lived before he emigrated to the US. Sean’s knowledge of Ireland and her history and his passion for Irish heritage is very evident in his presentation. A day well spent.

What a memory!

Reviewed 7th October 2018

I am quite confident in saying that no one in the field of Irish ancestral research and personal heritage tours can compete with the experience provided by Sean and his team. My four year old daughter and I recently took a several week trip to Europe and experienced many fascinating and beautiful places, however the highlight of our adventure was the day we spent with Sean. He picked us up at our Dublin hotel promptly at 8am and proceeded to spend the entire day with us. Sean was very prepared and had a well laid out plan for the day based around our visit to our ancestral townland in Cavan. To be able to bring my young daughter to the exact place where our ancestors once lived and see her run around freely on the same soil that they worked so many years ago, is something I will never forget. Not only that, but we were also able to see the local holy sites, original place of schooling, familial graveyard and more in the area that my family would have lived. Due to Sean’s recon work ahead of the tour we even met with the longtime neighbor of our townland, who kindly invited us in for tea and to chat. The Irish hospitality is unrivaled. Worked into the personalized aspects of the tour, Sean took to us to see some of the area’s most interesting and impressive historical sites such as the Trim Castle, Hill of Tara, Spire of Lloyd, Kells High Crosses and Tower and a historical Famine House. The knowledge that Sean has about the history of Ireland is mind-blowing. He is skilled at delivering the information in a way that made the entire day enthralling for both myself and my young daughter – not an easy task! Sean and Aisling were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire process and are certainly the utmost professionals. The memory provided to my daughter and I is just invaluable. Can’t thank you guys enough.


Reviewed 28th September 2018

Our first two days with Ian were wonderful. He was very patient with my decreased mobility due to my bad back – very kind and understanding. He went out of his way to make sure we saw a German cemetery while on our Wicklow tour. Every place we visited was breathtaking and his knowledge and stories were fascinating.
I’m just so amazed at what Seán was able to accomplish going back to when my ancestors left Ireland in 1682. I visited the Quaker Library where I was able to see an original marriage document! We visited the towns of Mountmellick and Rosenallis where the meeting house and burial ground was located. We were able to talk to two very knowledgeable gentlemen- Roy and Gerald. They were a wealth of information.
I was given a very beautiful painting by Pauline Quinn which I just love!
None of this would have happened without the patience and communication with Aisling for over a year! Thanks for an AMAZING experience.

This was the trip of a lifetime!

Reviewed 26th September 2018

From the moment Sean greeted us with that warm welcome in Dublin, we knew we were in good hands. Sean, Aisling and Ian did an amazing job putting our story together with the preliminary information we were able to provide. It was especially endearing how they allowed our story to play out during our recent visit. We are so grateful for the attention to detail and for taking us off the beaten path to show us the beautiful countryside of Ireland.

Our first day we headed to Culleens, County Sligo where we visited the town graveyard where many of our relatives were laid to rest. Walking through and viewing the headstones of our ancestors brought so many different feelings. As we prepared to depart the graveyard, Sean handed us a spade and each of us were given a daffodil bulb to plant at the grave site. It was an indescribable moment and gave us great joy knowing each year those daffodils will decorate that grave. We moved on to the land where our ancestors lived, some still holding remnants of the old stone homes. We visited the coast and stood at the beach trying to imagine our family members standing at the same site over 150 years earlier. Sean and Ian took us through the documents they were able to find from land records, tax records, and census records. Sean’s ability to speak the Gaelic language was key to helping us understand many of the records. Our day ended with a surprise visit to a home nearby in Ballyogan where we met Mrs. Margaret Hannon, a distant cousin found by Ian during the geneology search for our ancestors. Two of Margaret’s sons and some of her grandchildren joined us where we shared many stories over tea and cake. It was such fun to be able to connect with them and a true joy to see the excitement in Margaret’s grandchildren who were intrigued by their American cousins.
Over the next four days we toured Wicklow Jail, Roundwood, Glendalough, St Kevin’s Monastery, Barnamire, Powerscourt, Kilkenny Castle, St Canice’s Cathedral, a famine graveyeard in Dunshauglin, Newgrange, Monasterboice, Ancient Hill of Slane, Spire of Lloyd, and the Ancient Hill of Tara. The vast knowledge of Ireland history that Sean and Ian shared with us along with the breathtaking scenery truly made this the trip of a lifetime.

We thank you for your kindness, your wealth of knowledge, the attention you gave our 84 year old mom, and the many laughs we shared over the past week. There is still so much of Ireland for us to see and we couldn’t imagine having any other guides show it to us! We will be back…

My genealogy and heritage tour to Ireland

Reviewed 24th September 2018
Can’t thank Sean, Ian and Aisling enough for their amazing work locating my ancestral land in Sligo. What a fantastic journey. Got to meet distant cousins in Sligo thanks to Ian’s efforts at reconnaissance for family still here in the old country. The bound book we received of the genealogy research will be as treasured as the family bible. Thank you all at My Ireland Family Heritage.

My Ireland Heritage Tour in County Monaghan

Reviewed 11th September 2018
It’s hard to know where to begin when talking about this magical day of visiting Monaghan County where my great-grandmother lived! I’ve enjoyed the entire process from corresponding with Aisling via email, talking to Sean on the phone prior to my trip, and then actually meeting Sean and Ian first-hand when they picked us up at our hotel in Dublin. We had a lovely trip up to County Monaghan with an engaging history lesson of the area along the way. I knew that my great-grandmother was born in County Monaghan and lived there until the age of twenty-one, when she left for America. By giving them the information I had and then backing it up with their own research and reconnaissance, they were able to determine exactly where my great-grandmother had lived, what church the family attended, where some family members were buried, and even the building in the town of Monaghan where they had an office. It gave me goose bumps to know that I was in the very same area Jennie Gillanders, my great-grandmother, had lived from for the first twenty-one years of her life until she emigrated to the U.S. When we were taken to the Presbyterian church where the family attended, we were shown the exact pew where they always sat. Imagine how thrilled I was to be taken to the exact farm where Jennie grew up and to be introduced to Mrs. James Gillanders, a lovely lady in her nineties, still living on the farm with her son. Her late husband, was most likely a great-nephew of Jennie, as her brother’s name was James. It truly was surreal to take in the beautiful surroundings and note that the area probably had not changed much in the last several centuries. It was still beautiful farmland to this day.
We just received our gorgeous, bound book full of information about our family, the area they lived in, and a bit of what life was like in the time of my ancestors. The time and care that must have been involved in putting this together is no small feat. The icing on the cake was being given a beautiful picture of the family farmhouse painted by Pauline Quinn, Sean’s wife, along with a few other little gifts. I would highly recommend this tour with My Ireland Heritage if you are interested in walking in the shoes of your ancestors with experts dedicated to bringing family history to life!

A Beautiful Day in County Clare

Reviewed 4th September 2018
The team at My Ireland Heritage gave my family and me a beautiful day in my ancestral town of Carigaholt in County Clare!
They made sure it was a day we will never forget starting with Aisling handling all the particulars – always returning my emails and answering my slew of questions in a timely fashion.
Sean then took the reins and made arrangements for a vow renewal ceremony that I had mentioned to him as an idea several months earlier to celebrate my husband’s and my 35 years of marriage.
He located my family’s ancestral church, contacted the priest directly to arrange the day and time and followed up to make sure that everything was a go.
My girls and I were picked up at our cottage by wonderful Ian who packed all our bags into the car , did double duty as a photographer, loaded us all in and completely entertained us on the 1+hour drive to the church.
The ceremony was lovely and so personal knowing that my own ancestors celebrated their marriages in that very church.
Afterwards, Sean jumped in with Ian to patiently take some more photos of our special celebration and then we were off to locate the Curtins and O’Donnells!
Our trip to the towns, cemeteries, lands and cottages that made up my family’s story was enthusiastically narrated by Sean who’s passion for Irish history was palpable.
There were so many wonderful moments but the highlights of our journey would have to be walking in the field next to Carrigaholt Tower, planting a bulb next to my great aunt Bridget O’Dea’s grave, standing by the remnants of the O’Donnell cottage and sitting on the wall in front of my great,great grandparents Mary O’Donnell and Peter Curtin’s cottage which is still standing today as well as talking to my Irish cousin Mary who Sean put me in touch with.
Our experience was capped off by a wonderful family history book and special painting among other remembrances.
A heartfelt thank- you to Aisling, Sean and Ian for
A Beautiful Day in County Clare !
Kathy R. And family

“Amazing Day with Ian! Historical County Meath Tour”

Reviewed 28th August 2018
My Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousins and I, had a fantastic day exploring with Ian. We did the Historical County Meath Tour and had a blast! Ian was extremely knowledgable and had a great sense of humour. He went above and beyond and included a few more stops and hours onto our day because he’s so incredibly passionate about showcasing the Irish history. I would highly recommend this tour. Absolutely first class.

“Clarkill Townland Tour”

Reviewed 19th August 2018
I spent almost one year working with Sean and Aisling on the research of my family’s ancestry and preparing for touring where my ancestors lived in Ireland. They were most accommodating and easy to work with. One 1 Aug 2018 Sean and Ian picked me and my family (party of 6) up at our hotel in Trim and transported us to the Castlewellan area of County Down. Along the way they informed us a great deal about Ireland’s History — the good, the bad and the ugly. Our family lived in a townland just north of Castlewellan called Clarkill. Sean and Ian brought us to several locations where our ancestors worked small farms (under 10 acres) and for the local Linen Mill. We were able to wall through fields and abandoned cottages once lived in by our ancestors. They brought us to two of the local churches, one of which had a cemetery where members of our family were buried. Prior to our visit Sean and Ian visited Clarkill in order to ensure that we got to see as much as possible, and spoke with locals that were descendants of other families that lived alongside mine in the 1800s. We were also provided a bound book that documented the results of the family research they performed on our behalf. All family members were overwhelmed with the tour and the knowledge Sean and Ian had for Ireland, its history, and its people. This was an all-day event, and we were able to capture the event with a smartphone camera. We wore jeans and sneakers, and as is the case pretty much anywhere in Ireland we all brought — and used — our raincoats.


Reviewed 17th August 2018
It really is a challenge to know where to start. We were lucky enough to have both Sean and Ian on our one day whirlwind tour to trace the lives of relatives from Dublin up to Tyrone. The historical information they shared was enough for me to pull out my notebook and begin taking notes! But, clearly, the work that they did to actually find exact locations where our ancestors lived was incredible! Not only did they locate the family churches since the 1700’s but they located my Great (x6) grandfather’s grave and helped us honor him- a very touching moment. And if that was not enough, we visited the land on which our relatives resided – and were able to stand at the center of my Great (x5) grandmother’s home. Topping that off would be hard but they did. To end the day, we met distant cousins who welcomed us in, served us tea and cakes, and said “Welcome home.” It was much more than I had expected and the memories will stay with me forever!

“Journey through time”

Reviewed 24th July 2018
It’s hard to know where to start when talking about the treasure chest of memories that I collected on the heritage journey that Sean and his family meticulously prepared for me and my sister. It was a journey through time to Edergole, County Leitrim, the place of my Great Grandfather’s birth. When I first contacted My Ireland Heritage, I didn’t dare to hope that they would actually find any remaining physical evidence of our ancestors, but I knew the minute that I heard back from them that I had struck gold. They felt like famiIy when I spoke with them, and I was soon to find out that Aisling, Sean, Ian and Pauline are dedicated to their mission of bringing families back to their roots. This is more than just a business for them; it’s a calling. In the months leading up to our visit, I got periodic updates, and I grew more and more confident that it would be one of our great life experiences. (…)

“Wonderful Memories!”

Reviewed 20th July 2018
After reading a NY Times article that mentioned My Ireland Heritage Tours, I contacted Sean. My husband’s 2nd great-grandfather emigrated from County Cork to Boston in the mid-1800s. We had a wonderful experience during our trip to Ireland, and the historical documents and site visits were priceless. In scheduling our tour, Sean went above and beyond by including a trip down to my husband’s ancestor’s port of departure from Ireland (in Cobh). It was wonderful working with Sean, Aisling and Ian.

“Fantastic Experience”

Reviewed 16th July 2018
I had high expectations and the My Ireland Heritage team exceeded them. I had the pleasure to work with the My Ireland Heritage team in identifying our family’s ancestral townland in County Lietrim. In advance of arriving in Ireland, I communicated via email with Sean and Aisling providing them with the limited information I had. They researched the Irish records and identified records regarding my two times great grandparents. Once we arrived in Dublin, Sean called me prior to our trip to visit the townland. He suggested first visiting St. Columba’s house in Kells, where the Book of Kells resided for a time, and then visited the nearby workhouse in Bawnboy. What a suggestion that was. Sean and his son-in-law Ian picked us up and drove us all day. They were great fun to chat with and were a wealth of information. We first visited St. Columba’s house and then visited a nearby famine graveyard. Then onto the Bawnboy Workhouse. It is largely intact but in need of restoration. The Bawnboy Workhouse was impressively poignant as it drove home the reality of our ancestors in the mid-nineteenth century. The options were often to starve to death, enter the workhouse (if lucky enough to be admitted) or leave everything behind and immigrate to America, Canada, etc. An amazing and unexpected walk through the workhouse followed which I will never forget. We then visited my ancestors family church in Drumeela, Leitrim. To pray for them in that church 150 years later was another memory for the ages. Sean then took us to meet with some locals with whom we discussed the families in the townland. Very helpful. Although we have no relatives living in that townland, the locals helped identify where some descendants moved. Sean then took us to several ancestral home sites. Climbing over wrapped cattle fodder bales, we entered and explored one of the old home sites. Just an incredible experience and supported by records which were provided to me in a hard copy book. One final point, in an early email I noted that a significant reason for the trip was to connect our two teenage daughters to their Irish heritage. Sean took that to heart and went out of his way to explain everything to our daughters who ate it up. I heartily endorse Sean, Ian and Aisling as we had just a fantastic

“Sister’s Trip of Lifetime!”

Reviewed 11th July 2018
After doing years of research on our Irish roots, it was time to go visit the homeland. I found My Ireland Heritage tours and felt such a connection right away. I could tell that they were just as passionate about connecting others with their Irish roots as I was. My sisters and I took the trip of a lifetime in late May 2018 and first toured most of the country to take in Ireland’s beauty and history. The last day of our trip was our tour with Sean and Ian to the townland where our ancestors were from in County Cavan. I was impressed with the extensive research that was done prior to our arrival to pinpoint the land where they lived as well as what their life might have been like. We even got to go inside some of the abandoned cottages that still are on the property. What an experience!!! While there were no living ancestors left in the area, we felt like we were able to get a glimpse into their lives before some of them left Ireland to begin a new life in America. Sean added some even more personalized visits along the way. We knew that some of our ancestors unfortunately had lived in Irish workhouses and Sean made sure we stopped and saw one that remains standing in County Meath. To see the building and walk around the area was so surreal as you could feel the desperation and suffering that went on there…it was an extremely touching and moving experience for myself and my sisters. If it wasn’t for all that our ancestors had endured and sacrificed, I wouldn’t be here.

From the time I initially reached out to inquire about my trip, Aisling was so helpful in setting everything up and nailing down all the details, and Sean and Ian took such good care of us on the day of the tour . They are all extreme professionals and know so much about the history of Ireland. The personalized, detailed research book that they provided us provided us supporting information on the area that we visited that day and will also continue to be extremely helpful to continue our journey in putting the pieces together of our Irish family tree. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to get closer to their ancestral roots to book a tour with My Ireland Heritage and continue with their journey.

“beyond expectations”

Reviewed 6th July 2018
In the latter part of 2017, I contacted My Irish Family History to help me learn more about my family’s background. I had some records of the family once they arrived in Australia but nothing from before then.

Aislinn commenced the search and was able to provide me with a beautifully bound book detailing the information they had gained from their very thorough research. I then took up the opportunity to have a personal tour of my family’s homeland with Sean as my guide.

I spent two days touring with Sean in early May 2018. I was impressed with his knowledge of all facets of Irish history and the fact that he had completed several visits to the areas we visited before hand to ensure I would gain the most benefits.

I was able to the visit the family Townlands, the church in which my great great grandparents were married, cemeteries where my ancestors were buried, and the house in which my great great grandparents had lived. I even met a distance cousin who is still farming on land previously owned by my ancestors.

I thoroughly enjoyed my tour and highly recommend My Irish Family History to anyone who wanted to learn about their history. Apart from the knowledge and records team provided, personal touches such as a painting by Sean’s wife, and bulbs to place at the family grave, made the experience all the more rewarding and enjoyable.

Many thanks to Sean, Aislinn and Ian. A definite 10 out of 10.

Thanks again, Therese O’C

“My Irish Family Townland Tour”

Reviewed 4th July 2018
Thank you to Sean, Aisling (his daughter), and Ian (his son-in-law). Prior to our trip, I coordinated with Aisling over several months and she was delightful to deal with. My husband and I arrived on our first trip to Ireland this June. (I am the one with the Irish heritage.) We found the family heritage tour by Sean and Ian to be highly professional and comprehensive. We spent a day and toured the townlands in County Kerry where my ancestors lived so many years ago, the parish churches, and also a cemetery. It gave me a profound perspective of how my ancestors lived. Sean’s mastery of the region, Irish history in general, ancestry, and his specific knowledge of my family relations was impressive. Both Sean and Ian were enthusiastic and welcoming. They responded to our questions willingly and warmed to us much as close friends bond. They also adjusted to our common interests in the Catholic Church and related topics. We learned a great deal in a short period of time. We enjoyed every aspect of touring the townlands and appreciated being treated so kindly. Researching and preparing the materials we received reflects a meticulous and focused effort. I will cherish the beautiful family heritage book they created. Also, Sean’s wife, Pauline, painted a lovely picture. I highly recommend their services. This was a trip of a lifetime. Thank you, Sean and family.

“Great Day of Family History and a Tour of the Ring of Kerry”

Reviewed 16th June 2018
Sean and Ian did a fantastic job on our tour! My wife bought this experience for me for my 50th birthday and it was well worth it. Sean and his team communicated with us throughout the process and it became clear that he had done quite a bit of research in preparation for our day together. I was impressed by Sean’s knowledge of Irish history as well as the effort he put into finding the pieces of my familiy’s history in Ireland, He met with us the night before our tour to go through his research and map out the day for us, I was able to pinpoint our ancestral home(s) as well as the churches where my ancestors would have attended, He brought us to our family grave sites, which was a very moving experience for me. (…)

“Our Irish Roots”

Reviewed 30th May 2018
Thank you, Sean and Ian for showing us where our family lived in Cavan. It was precious to stand in the same place our ancestors stood and ponder what their lives might have been like during the rough famines. You gave me a connection to the land I will never forget.
Wonderfully informative, backed up by records and local accounts. Complete with historical sites and context. Thank you!

“Girls’ Trip”

Reviewed 28th May 2018
Sean and Ian were so kind and informative. I was skeptical about this process when my mom told me she had hired a company to research our family’s Irish roots, but My Ireland Heritage Tours really came through. After months of contact with my mom, they completed thorough research, culminating in my mom, sister, and me arriving in the “homeland” to be taken around and shown the town, location of the land the house had sat on, church, and possible work sites of our ancestors.
Ian and Sean were a delight to spend the day with and my mom had nothing but excellent things to say about Ian’s wife, Aisling. At the end of our day they presented my mom with documentation of their research, bound in a beautiful book, as well as a painting of the area done by Sean’s wife.
I highly recommend utilizing this company as a resource for uncovering one’s heritage in Ireland.

“Highlight of our trip to Ireland”

Reviewed 28th May 2018
My family of 10 did two tours with my Ireland Heritage. My mom, 2 children in their 20’s and I did the ancestral townland tour in Laois; 6 other family members went on the ancient county Meath tour. I’ll do a separate posting about the (…)

“My Ireland Heritage Tours is Amazing”

Reviewed 15th April 2018
Our experience with My Ireland Heritage Tours was amazing!! Better than we could have hoped for. We had done much genealogy research before arriving to Ireland but without Sean, Ian, Aisling and their research staff our journey to find our Irish roots would have been lacking. With their help we were able to visit many sites where our ancestors lived. We visited their burial sites and places where they were baptized and married. Amazingly Sean arranged tea with our Irish cousins. My mom turned 82 while we were in Ireland and she was so delighted. My Ireland Heritage Tours turned a wonderful trip into the trip of a life time. Thank you!!


Reviewed 14th April 2018
Sean was so informative! He has so much knowledge and leads a great tour! We saw grave sites, land holdings, and long lost cousins, as well as the hill of Tara, Kells, and many other Irish gems. Would definitely recommend!

“Finding my family”

Reviewed 13th April 2018
This was a great experience. Sean was wonderful and his research prior to my arrival was thorough and on the day of my tour I was able to meet many people who I believe are related to me somewhere along the family line. Great experience, highly recommended, nothing was too much trouble. This was not something I could have done on my own as the places Sean found were townlands and don’t appear on maps.

“Experiencing Irish ancestry at its best!”

Reviewed 11th April 2018
This was a bucket list trip for our mother, 82 yrs old. The entire family went to Ireland to find our roots. Sean, Aisling and Ian were superb! Even with our short notice, they were able to trace our heritage back to the Nobber, Co Meath area, finding the old cemetaries and even the ancient homestead. They even found some distant relatives (5th cousins) that invited us for tea and lunch. The all day tour even included a personal tour of the Hill of Tara. So much knowledge and expertice. It was something that will always be remembered. And the commemorative book at the end is outstanding. We couldn’t have found our family without them.

“Dr. and Mrs. Albert G. Roberts”

Reviewed 27th February 2018
The tour we took with Sean and Ian was,simply put, one of the best travel experiences we have ever had! The time, preparation and effort they put into planning our tour was much appreciated; as was the fact that they were as excited as we were to learn about our family’s historical roots! Sean, Aisling and Ian are an extraordinary team! They have clearly developed a wonderful way to provide people with unique opportunities that build family ties and create long-lasting memories! We very highly recommended My Ireland Heritage!

“Visiting the family townland, graveyard and meeting family!”

Reviewed 16th November 2017
Being obsessed with genealogy, I planned a trip to Ireland to find out more about my grandmother’s ancestors and their homeland. I knew I didn’t want to spend my hours there researching in local libraries, so I was excited to discover Sean Quinn and My…

“Finding Your Roots”

Reviewed 8th November 2017
I found my in County Longford. If you want to explore your Irish heritage by getting to know where and how your ancestors lived, then take a tour with My Ireland Heritage. By far the best way to see Ireland is with your own personal…

“Exemplary research and Tour”

Reviewed 8th November 2017
I am my family’s genealogist. when I found it difficult to get information from “across the pond”, I hired My Ireland Heritage for assistance. I would up that I did not need assistance because Sean and his son-in-law provided everything all the way and inclusive…

“Experience of a Lifetime”

Reviewed 1st November 2017
This was the most thrilling adventure that I have ever had. Sean Quinn made this possible through his diligent research and the critical visit to my ancestral townland in preparation for my tour. We spent the first day on the Historical County Meath Tour. (…)

“Greatest Tour Company in Ireland!!”

Reviewed 1st November 2017
The research and preparation for my visit were tremendous! Because of their planning I was able to accomplish in one day what it would have taken me a week to do on my own. But on my own I would not have been able to…

“Adventure of a lifetime!”

Reviewed 11th October 2017
Five stars aren’t enough stars to rate what a tremendous experience this was for me to be able to walk in the house where my ancestors lived. Sean and Ian were a joy to be with on the long journey from Dublin to Cloontakilla in County Mayo where my ancestors lived. Their passion for genealogy and knowledge of Irish history is second to none. This was truly an adventure of a lifetime for me. If you want to walk in the footsteps of your ancestors, look no further than My Ireland Family Heritage to help you achieve this goal.

“Three Sisters Visit Our Paternal Grandmother’s Ancestral Home & Cemetery in Nobber, County Meath, Ireland”

Reviewed 11th October 2017
(…) With all of our research, we never could have put together the day that Sean gave us in Nobber. He also provided documentation in a beautifully bound book and a painting of the ruins of the family home, which his wife had done. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience thanks to Sean, Aisling, and the My Ireland Heritage team.

“Walking in the footsteps of our ancestors”

Reviewed 4th October 2017
(…) Sean and Ian picked us up in Dublin and drove us to County Longford where we were given an extensive visit to the church, cemeteries, and our ancestral homes. We were given daffodil bulbs to plant at one of our common ancestor’s grave. We then were permitted to walk around a very old cemetery by ourselves to see what we could discover. Being someone who takes lots of photos,it was never an issue for Sean to stop or turn around so I could snap a few photos. We hit the jackpot when Sean stopped at one of the ancestral homes and we were able to walk into the field to get a view. (…)

“Walking where ancestors walked …”

Reviewed 4th October 2017
(…) It is impossible to describe all that took place. I wanted to walk where my ancestors walked. I wanted to have a sense of their lives and learn more about them. Sean helped this happen, and in doing so, I learned so much more about the challenges they faced and so much more about their courage. (…)

“70th Birthday trip to find my grandparents roots.”

Reviewed 21st September 2017
One month before I began this journey I discovered My Ireland Heritage Tours online. What a life saver. My trip went from a bust to better than I could have imagined. From the beginning Aisling and Sean “got it”. I was passionate to find my namesake grandmother Catherine Mary homeland in Roscommon with very little to go on. I also had much more background information for my grandfather in County Down. Sean and Aisling helped sort out a viable trip, and did all the research to make it work, within my budget and abilities. (…)

“Family Roots”

Reviewed 29th July 2017
We worked with Sean and Aisling to see if they could help us uncover our family history, mostly lost after our ancestors left Ireland long ago, never to return. We needed help and Sean and Aisling at My Ireland Heritage were the answer. We are delighted with their work!

“Tea with my Cousin!!!”

Reviewed 11th July 2017
My husband and I just enjoyed an incredible day of tracing my Cassidy family roots which began with tea in the home of a cousin I never knew I had and included that cousin chopping a path back into the woods to see the ruins of the original family home and taking us to the family grave where our common ancestor is buried. I’m quite sure my cousins enjoyed it as much as we did! How amazing to find family members still living on the same land of our ancestors – and being able to meet two of them.
I can’t say enough about Sean and his team – all the above he research and arranged in just over a weeks time! (…)

“This was one of the best decision I have made. So happy we did it!”

Reviewed 11th July 2017
(…) Well Sean and Ian met all my expectations and more. They found all that I had searched for unsuccessfully in the prior two years trips to Ireland and it was a quality experience. I’m so happy I did this and so are my sisters. I hope to return next year and to have Sean, Ian and Aisling prepare research on another line of the family that has been difficult to find. (…)

“Sisters in Ireland”

Reviewed 11th July 2017
(…) We can’t imagine how much time the research took before Sean and Ian even picked us up. Sean had pages and pages of papers with all the places our ancestors lived, worked, were married, and even relaxed. We drove from Derry to Dromore in Tyrone County to Monaghan to Trim. Sean never once gave up on his enthusiasm! (…)

“In depth Irish genealogy research and excellent County Meath tour”

Reviewed 25th June 2017
We used My Ireland Heritage for a combined family genealogy research project and visit to our family townlands in County Meath (which included touring a number of sites including Newgrange, Monasterboice, Kells, and Trim). My family of four, which includes our 28 and 33 year old children, was masterfully guided by Sean Quinn and his driver Ian. We had a great day with them, experiencing the sites, learning about our family history, and understanding how that family history connected to the larger story of Ireland’s past. (…)

“My Ireland Heritage Tours”

Reviewed 24th June 2017
My son and I got back to the states a week ago and are still glowing from the experience – especially the day we spent with Sean and Ian. It was the perfect ending of our wonderful time in our “home country”. Part of our family immigrated from County Meath and that is where the Quinns were able to do the most research into our Irish roots. County Clare is for another fine day with them after my genealogist here has dug into that family history. No matter how much I might praise My Ireland Heritage Tours, it would fall short of giving them the credit they deserve for making our trip so meaningful. If you are even a little bit curious about your Irish family history, we can promise you that Sean, Ian and Ashling will make your trip even more exciting and educational. Your family back home will thank you too, because you’ll bring home information that will enlighten them all. My son and I will never forget the day we spent exploring our Irish home of 150 years ago.

“History & Genealogy Tour de Force”

Reviewed 20th June 2017
My dad had been in contact with Sean well before our Ireland trip and so I didn’t know what to expect from the tour –other than we would be exploring County Meath where some of our ancestors had lived. In short: the tour was *amazing.* Sean is an incredibly-energetic, colorful, and curious tour guide who led us on a wonderfully-informative history tour of the area before focusing on the specifics of our genealogy. I recommend this tour to anyone interested in Irish history, but Sean’s forté is hunting through the available records for your family roots. If there were six stars available, I’d give ’em.

“Family History and Ireland History Bonanza”

Reviewed 13th June 2017
(…) Our day spent with Sean and our driver/guide Ian could not have been better. Sean had information of her family history going back may centuries. His passion and enthusiasm on Irish History is vast, deep and compelling. It was as though we had our personal history teacher.

Sean was particularly riveting in his detailed history of Rathcline Castle. Ian was a great tour guide and driver. It was a day that will leave me with lifetime memories! (…)

“Our history brought to life”

Reviewed 6th June 2017
We worked with Sean and Ian for several months prior to our trip to Ireland. I had done a good deal of research myself and let Sean and Ian take it from there. They confirmed my findings and took us on a tour of the county. The highlight was locating our ancestor’s homestead! Imagine standing in the famine cottage that your ancestor left 167 years ago! Both Sean and Ian are a wealth of information and we came away with a good understanding of our Irish heritage. Aisling was our point of contact throughout the process and she did an excellent job of keeping us up to date on everything. We appreciated the painting of the cottage done by Pauline. It is a fantastic memento of our time in Ireland. We can highly recommend My Ireland Heritage Tours!

“Top Notch and 100% The Best to find your Irish History!”

Reviewed 24th May 2017
After Jet Lag and renting a car to get us to Sean, Ian and Aisling, we were greeted with coffee, tea, and cookies! So welcoming and they had hugs and smiles and excitement for all of us. They presented us with the day of events and then we were off! We zoomed thru tiny roads, cemeteries, small houses, churches, and little properties.

Sean had already found all of our family residences around the area and then we met the neighbors! (As our ancestors are not around anymore), the neighbors and Sean took us on a back road tour to see all the small, tiny plots of land and houses that OUR ancestors were from. It was so amazing! We found the cemetery where they are buried! Sean had so much to tell us that it was so overwhelming but absolutely perfect. His dedication and love for history really shined into our desire to find our family in Ireland. We are so blessed! Worth every moment! Also, he and his staff made us a beautiful book that we now have on our coffee table, reminding us of our amazing Irish family. The details are what makes me smile! Our family spent months planning this, and we can from Texas, Florida, Oregon, Montana. I just know that we are friends forever with Sean and his family.

“Trip of a Lifetime”

Reviewed 19th May 2017
(…) Sean and his team are nothing short of amazing. From my first submission of information, Sean telephoned to discuss and review my expectations and what his company could offer. Aisling emailed frequently, and Sean sent email updates of his research progress. Following his reconnaissance trips to both locations, he sent very exciting emails hinting upon his finds. By the time I arrived 14 days into a total 16-day trip [England and Ireland], I knew this was going to be the highlight of my trip. Sean’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and energy are palpable. The drive time flew by. On the way to County Mayo, Sean took time to point out some historical context, including a landlord’s manor house, and a famine museum. Our ultimate destination Day 1 was County Mayo and the church where my great-grandfather was baptized, locating his original 1860 baptismal record. We found headstones in several cemeteries with family names. We met with two descendants, who still lived on the farm that had been in the family since 1842. They helped fill in details I would never have learned on my own. A distant relative had visited them in 1987, and had written an account of his trip. I realized as I stood on the ground where my great-grandfather was raised, I was reliving the exact description written about the family homestead in that 1987 letter. (…) I could never have located the people and places on this trip on my own. The parting gifts from Sean and his family were so thoughtful, meaningful, and well-chosen. This was truly a trip of a lifetime!

“My Ireland Heritage Tours Gave Us A Tour of a Lifetime!”

Reviewed 19th May 2017
Sean, Ian and Aisling are a fantastic team and incredibly knowledgeable in Irish History and family geneaology. We were a group of 6 and had been working with My Ireland Heritage for about six months prior to our journey there. Communication was terrific throughout the research process and we were even sent travel tips and weather updates! Sean and Ian gave us a tour of a lifetime which far exceeded what we thought it would be. We came away with so much local knowledge and the best part was THEY FOUND OUR FAMILY’S HOME SITE FROM THE 1830’s! We walked fields and visited churches and graveyards. We planted flowers (provided by them) at our ancestor’s grave. The Family Book we received is beautiful and well researched; we were provided so much information tailored to our family and the location they were in. Aisling did such a nice job on the book that 12 other family members ordered them too! I just can’t say enough about the richness of our experience with My Ireland Heritage.

“Unforgettable Historical and Ancestral Tours”

Reviewed 13th May 2017
(…) I contacted Aisling almost a year before my sister and I were to arrive in Ireland, and soon after Aisling and I began to communicate via email, Sean called me to discuss preliminary findings. After an hour of discussing my Irish lineage and some of the Irish historical sites with Sean, I knew I had come to the right place. Fast forward 11 months. A week after my sister Patti and I arrived in Ireland, we met Sean and began an amazing journey back in time as we discovered Ireland’s history. Wow! We were immediately impressed with Sean’s immense knowledge of each era of Ireland’s history. We had numerous stops in County Meath – including Newgrange, Battle of the Boyne, Trim Castle, Monasterboice, Hill of Shane, Hill of Tara and one of the original famine houses – where we were immediately impressed with Sean’s passion for Irish history and desire to make our tour as personalized and comfortable as possible. And we were pleased that we did not to have to drive on the unfamiliar roads throughout Ireland. (…)

“Expert Help in finding Irish roots was needed. My Ireland Heritage was brilliant.”

Reviewed 6th May 2017
(…) Sean is thoughtful, fun and Irish. He made the lead up to the trip, and then our investigation absolutely valuable to us, and made the trip worthwhile. He is a joy to talk to, and the drives went by quickly with the information and ideas that we exchanged throughout. (…)

“Special Visit to Our Families’ Townlands with Seán Quinn”

Reviewed 7th January 2017
With the recommendation of Rick Steves…… My Ireland Family Heritage created the most memorable visit to the County’s of Waterford and Mayo. We found where our family lived, worked, prayed, worshiped and where they married. Sean helped us understand the lives our ancestors lived and the struggles they endured. We had tea with descendants of our grandparent’s neighbors and walked some ancient graveyards……… We had tears of sorrow and joy to be able to see and feel a full measure of our Irish Heritage – and Seán was integral…..

“Sean Quinn turned my dreams into reality”

Reviewed 1 November 2016
I can say this without hesitation…If you feel the call to step back in time….”you will not find a better guide to the past than Sean and his wonderful team.” …… I combined my heritage tour with a two day historical tour as well. I wanted to know about my family but also about the country from which they came…… Overgrown with forest and trees there I stood in the very rooms my ancestors once called home… how surreal…….. I sold Sean a dream…and he in turn brought it to reality… Before I arrived in Ireland and every step of the way they provided consistent communication and updates…… This truly is a “family business” and who better to help you connect with your family than a family that is strongly connected……

“Family History”

Reviewed 31 October 2016
My grandmother came to America from Ireland in 1900. I had very little information to provide Sean, but he and his staff were able to track down my family, He and his staff put together a beautiful book including general Irish history, history of the local area where my family lived, and specific genealogy about my family…..a high point in my two week stay in Ireland!……

“Michael Collins Dublin Tour & County Meath”

Reviewed 30 October 2016
Thank you to the team of My Ireland Heritage for the most memorable day following in the footsteps of Michael Collins in Dublin. ……..guided us on a most memorable journey with my son Michael Collins and his partner as we walked O’Connell Street taking in the fascinating history and highlights of 1916 War of Independence under Michael Collins. The places we visited, Glasnevin Cemetery, Pro Cathedral, Collins Barracks and Dublin Castle have left a lasting impression……wealth of knowledge and the experience of a lifetime…..

“Customized Michael Collins Dublin tour”

Reviewed 30 October 2016
A massive big Aussie thank you to Sean and his team from My Ireland heritage tours. Sean’s love of his country and his vast knowledge of its history is incredible…..My tour was related to my name sake Michael Collins, a patriot with a colorful and tragic history. it was amazing to visit the historical land marches that have a connection to Michael Collins and the Irish civil war. Sean’s commentary and love of it’s history almost takes you back to those days and gives you a real sense of being there as it all unfolded……I found it truly fascinating…..

“Infectious enthusiasm ”

Reviewed 27 October 2016
….. If you are looking for a unique and informative personal experience, Sean delivers in spades! In my 2 week visit to this stunning country…the day with Sean was definitely a highlight!….

“Heritage Tour, Ring of Kerry, Kilkenney”

Reviewed 14 September 2016
Sean and Aisling were wonderful to work with. I contacted them in regard to finding where my grandfather, great grandparents and great-great grandparents came from……The book I received and the other ones for my cousins is excellent. They did a great job in finding out the townlands my ancestors lived on. …..

“Should you? YES. ”

Reviewed 13 September 2016
…..If you want to trace your Irish roots, you need to go to the town lands, and those are not currently existing geographical or governmental entities. They aren’t on google maps. They aren’t on road signs. You need an expert. Sean and his team are those experts. Sean and his team dig into the records, do the ground work, scout the area, knock on doors, talk to the locals whose oral histories are vital, find people to open up the ancient family church and countless other things you won’t be able to do on your own. This is not a DYI project, even for the most determined. Sean and his team are matchless at what they do. Sean and his team did all that work……we would not have found on our own……..

“A Magical Return to Fermanagh after 200 Years!”

Reviewed 1 September 2016
….. I was hesitant to go for the Gold Option Tour Package of genealogical research, a family book, and personal one-day tour hosted by Sean, but it was all totally worth it!……. My Ireland Heritage team was able to find the townland & location of my Gr. Gr. Gr. Gr. Grandmother’s house after all these years! …….. did a thorough reconnaissance of the area, finding churches, graveyards, and speaking with locals that would help in our search. …….I give full marks to Sean, Aisling and My Ireland Heritage in providing exactly what they promised to provide, a once-in-a-lifetime genealogical adventure!……

“Outstanding and Highlight of my Family Trip to Ireland”

Reviewed 10 August 2016
I planned a trip to Ireland on short notice and hired My Ireland Heritage Tours to do genealogical research, create a family album of their findings and conduct a family ancestory tour. Sean, Ian and Ashling were wonderful to work with and became true friends after our experience of working with them and visiting Ireland. Sean took the lead in conducting deep dive research into my mother and father’s ancestory……My wife and kids learned so much and said our time with Sean and Ian was the highlight of the Ireland trip we took. I cannot recommend My Ireland Heritage tours enough. Our children will have a book of all the research, pictures, to look back on. Priceless experience!

“Exceptional & Unique Experience!”

Reviewed 29 July 2016
…..After the MIH Team researches and documents your genealogy, they do an intensive reconnaissance of the location where your ancestors lived. They drive to the area ahead of time and meet with local experts and community members to look at parish records, to physically walk towns and properties, and to gain further insight into your family’s history. With much diligence on their part, a custom geographical tour is tailored for you that will have you walking on the same fields and streets as your forbearers……There is no way we could have done this on our own as churches are locked, gravestones are not always visible and townlands are difficult for visitors to define. Aisling tailors all of the tours to suit your family needs…..Our tour of Meath was also exceptional and we navigated high traffic areas like Newgrange and Tara with ease. We saw sights that large touring companies do not go to and yet are more intimate in explaining Ireland and her history…….

“Once in a Lifetime Experience”

Reviewed 28 July 2016
Sean Quinn and the My Ireland Heritage team provided me with a once in a lifetime experience in regards to my Irish ancestors……I knew where my great-great-grandfather was born but I realized that I had neither the time nor expertise to plan a meaningful visit to the area. Sean did further research, coming up with vital information and important documents. And then, the feature that I think is key to his success, he did a reconnaissance trip to my ancestor’s homeland. Visiting cemeteries, churches……he was able to put together a most extraordinary day for me in County Antrim……It was truly a dream come true when I stood on my 3X great-father’s farmland. Sean had arranged for us to meet with folks at churches where my ancestors had been baptized as far back as 1834, and we trekked through ancient cemeteries. Sean brings unbridled passion, energy, and expertise to his work. I will forever be indebted to My Ireland Heritage Tours for a most amazing experience.

“Wonderful Irish Experience”

Reviewed 27 July 2016
…..go to great lengths to find out as much about your Irish ancestors as possible……things you would never discover attempting to do it on your own. I would highly recommend My Ireland Heritage Tours to anyone who is serious about finding out more about their Irish ancestors.

“The experience of a lifetime”

Reviewed 9 June 2016
The luck of the Irish was with me the day I found My Ireland Heritage ……I have done genealogy and family history for 30 years and came to Ireland to walk where my ancestors walked, to see the world around them as they did. I didn’t only want to “find” them, I want to know them. Sean gets this, he is a true kindred spirit. He put tremendous effort, but also genuine interest and enthusiasm into making this possible……