Finding your Correct Family & House from the 1600s

We pride ourselves on finding your correct family. The records in Ireland were badly destroyed in the 1922 Civil War and yes you will run into difficulties but that is where we can step in and assist you. We have access to some of the best genealogy databases in Ireland.

It is imperative to note we will stand over our findings with all the necessary facts available. It is also important to note that what you will provide to us must be factual by this we mean, an approximate date for Birth/ Baptism/ Marriage or Death which will then lead us to the exact Document substantiating the evidence.

• From just this one piece of information we hope to unravel your family’s history in Ireland taking the story back and forward in time for your family.

The Exact house

Finding the exact house for your family is our speciality and this will always be substantiated with facts. Many people come to Ireland and visit a County only where they believe their family may have come from. At My Ireland Family Heritage we believe you are special and deserve to achieve this once in a lifetime experience.

Finding your Correct Family

Cathy Bartok’s retrieves a stone from Monsignor Strain family Home in mid 1800s see her story and many more fantastic story’s on our Personalized Genealogy research page.

Your Irish connections to your Family are important we at My Ireland family Heritage feel you need to really walk where your family walked, touch the stones of an original home, visit the correct church, pay your respects in the correct graveyard and YES possibly even meet with original family.

Finding your Correct Family

It is extremely difficult to find your relation in Ireland and not just their original house/ home but if it can be done we can do it for you.

Finding your Correct Family
Local Roads, where most Family history takes place

Once you Travel to Ireland it is very difficult to find your families Townland as townlands can be up to 2500 aces and have absolutely no markings telling you what or where that townland is.  It’s no coincidence that ” all” family townland experiences are achieved using small narrow local roads.

The delight for us as a Team is finding your family, leading us to your original family House, and the magic for you when we take you there.

Finding the Correct Church and Graveyard


Having found the Townland for your family which can be up to 2,500 acres in Ireland. We must now find not just the Civil Parish identified on your records but the correct Church. 

On your records you may see a Civil Parish this most likely is not the Church your Family used for Marriage/Baptisms and weekly use.

For example North Tipperary has 78 Civil Parishes and South Tipperary has 115 Civil Parishes all may be Church of Ireland the ruling church up to Catholic emancipation in 1829. Not with standing that Borders of Parishes and Counties often cross over one another. All of these Churches will have separate Catholic, Presbyterian and Methodists Churches and each area may have a number of churches under the Civil Parish

We find the exact Church your family used and substantiate this with facts and local knowledge. We also endeavour to find the local church/Mass Rock from 1400s onwards.

If you fail to find your Family in Ireland we have many options for you including a Customised Tour based on where your family would have been based in the 1600s.Our Data Base can identify exact Parishes in the 1600s for 75% of Irish /Scottish and English names.

Finding your Correct Family