Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be with me throughout the whole experience?

Many companies are genealogy research only, many companies are touring companies only, we at My Ireland Family Heritage are proud to be able to tell you that OUR Genealogy team will complete your research and tour together enabling us to work with you throughout the process from start to finish to customize your tour with you and for you.

Can you really Find My Families Original House from the 1800s

The Answer is yes and the find is based on facts. We have an extensive data base which will also allow us to find The Exact place where your family were living in the 1600s. We will find the correct Church, The Correct Graveyard for the townland.

Will my family and I be the only ones traveling on genealogy and historical tours?

Yes, each of our tours are customized for you and member of your family alone.

What is a townland?

A townland is a small geographical division of land used in Ireland. The townland system is of Gaelic origin, pre-dating the Norman invasion and most have names of Gaelic origin. However some townland names and boundaries come from Norman manors, plantation divisions, or later creations of the ordnance survey. The total number of townlands was 60,679 in 1911.

How much notice is needed to complete a Research?

Each case is unique and individual so please request a free call back or send an email enquiry to discuss further.

When do I pay for my research?

A free preliminary research is completed, once we can confirm we have findings we then communicate this to you. If you wish to then proceed after our initial findings you can then make full payment or a 30% deposit. Once fully paid the research will be sent to you via post.

How long does a tour take?

Each tour is tailor made to each clients specific needs and requirements. Request a free call back or send an email enquiry to discuss further with a member of the My Ireland Heritage team.

How long prior to my visit do I have to pay the final installment to my tour?

When booking your tour 30% deposit is required to secure your preferred dates, a further 30% is required 90 days prior to your tour and your final payment is due 21 days prior to your tour.

How much do our services cost?

Each tour is tailor made so therefore no set price however request a free preliminary research assessment and then all packages available to you can then be discussed.

Can I buy a genealogy research and tour as gift for a special person in my life?


Will the townland parish church and graveyard be accessible to me?

In present times not all churches and graveyards are accessible in Ireland however Sean works with local priests in advance and where possible this is incorporated into your tour.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, it is the responsibility of the client to have their own travel insurance.

Do I need to book my own accommodation?

Yes, however as part of our platinum package we can assist you on this.

Do you cater for special needs?

Yes, Sean is a member of IHCPT for the past 25 years and caters for all clients needs.

Do you donate to a charity?

Yes. We donate some of our profits to the Irish Pilgrimage Trust.

Do you find relatives?

Our speciality is too find your ancestors exact Home in the early 1800s to 1900s. Along the way Relatives are found (Check Trip Adviser)) this however is subject to the Families willingness to be involved in the Process but we do ask and will inform you. We will approach neighbours also who have lived in the area for over 200 years to get a clearer picture and have in the past been very willing to meet with clients.

Can I get an Irish Passport if relatives are found?

Once a definitive link is made to your Ancestor we can advise you on all legal requirements of the Irish Government.