Unique Documents and Moments

An original Baptism which My Ireland Family Heritage discovered when contacting the Correct Church, not the Civil Parish it must be pointed out. On the document, it states that the Child Baptised is Henry Hocter born to Isaac. All documents found previously had said that this child did not exist in one case the record stated a Girls name. By traveling to the exact Church in County Offaly and receiving permission to look at the correct document. The My Ireland Heritage team could establish on behalf of the Hoctor Family of Robin Murphy and Dr.Nancy Cross the correct document for their long lost relative when old family stories had originally said that the family were from County Cork.
When Patricia Crane contacted My Ireland Heritage from her home in the United States all she had in her possession was a memorial Death card from the 1870s which stated that a family member had possibly worked as a Jeweller in Newry, County Down she had no other information. Once the Team set to work they unearthed the compelling story that in fact her Family owned a Jewellery shop on Hill Street in Newry for many years. Whilst bringing the story back in time it was established that the family were not from County Down at all but from County Fermanagh in the early 1800s. As part of our reconnaissance for Patricia we were able to speak with locals one of whom was 92 years of age who remembered the exact shop and who presented Patricia with a 100 year old Jewellery Box from her families shop as a family heirloom.
Loughshallagh is a townland area in Dunboyne County Meath it had not changed in 200 years when Cathy Cowing visited with the My Ireland Family Heritage team. Lengthy discussions with local farm owners the Ward Family would unearth a Document from 1825 indicating that the Loan and Mason families were paying rent for Lots in Potatoes Drills establishing the exact location for the families and there after their exact Home at Dunboyne. What is most unusual is that this document which cannot be found on line was part of our in-depth research programme which takes place before clients arrive in Ireland. With records so badly destroyed in Ireland we at My Ireland family Heritage know the value to you of turning every stone so that we can unearth your family connections.
Don Ditter’s story was quite unusual as most stories are when people come to My Ireland family Heritage. Don struggled to find his family in Monsea Tipperary . The My Ireland Family Heritage team set about working on this project and what we found was astonishing. The Caurneen family were big supporters of Daniel O’Connell who fought for Catholic Emancipation and achieved this in 1829. Searching the Local records and the Newspapers we discovered that the Caurneen family had been fund raisers at the time of 1828-29, in fact they were later accosted by bailiffs at their home place Some of the family left the area to travel to the USA where they set about changing their names. Mr Ditter had been searching for the family under their assumed name off O’Curran in the USA when in fact many hours searching Tax records established that the real family name was Caurneen. Don visited the exact home where the family once lived. An Old hill fort was still in existence from the Iron age at the rear of the house and , My Ireland Family Heritage customised a Tour of Dublin and County Meath to show all connections the family once had with Daniel O’Connell including one of his Monster meetings which was held on the Hill of Tara.
Monsignor Patrick Strain, the first Monsignor in New England was the builder of a huge Gothic Church St. Mary’s of Lynn, Mass . The family Left Ireland and not much information was available . The Article in a local newspaper allowed My Ireland Heritage team investigate the possibilities of finding the Original family house in County Down in 1823.After much research Sean found their birth home, and Cathy Bartok paid a vist as some times happens family had all but left . A neigbour whos family had been on the Townland for over 200 years met with Cathy and retold old stories. Cathy quietly removed a Tile from the old Roof.
This document was found as part of our research into a story off emigration in 1817 to Australia. Whilst in Ireland the McAndrew/ McGowan family kept records 150 years ago for a shop they once had on the very site of the old house
A family land holding which we discovered whilst chatting with original family in Leitrim.
Unique document shown to us at my Ireland Heritage of eviction in 1800s in Kerry.
Unearthed by my ireland heritage A wedding document of 1682 at Mountmellick county Laois.