Dr. and Mrs. Albert G. Roberts

Find of The Month February 2018

The tour we took with Sean and Ian was, simply put, one of the best travel experiences we have ever had! The time, preparation and effort they put into planning our tour was much appreciated; as was the fact that they were as excited as we were to learn about our family’s historical roots! Sean, Aisling and Ian are an extraordinary team! They have clearly developed a wonderful way to provide people with unique opportunities that build family ties and create long-lasting memories! We very highly recommended My Ireland Heritage!


The Parks family originated in the Sligo area in fact they were big Land owners in Drumcliff after the Cromwellian wars of 1649-53. Arlene came to My Ireland Heritage to find her relations .We pride ourselves on working with facts only and once the project was developed it was found that her Family of Parks were from the Bunnyconlain /Emlymoran areas but through marriage with the Stephens family were found in Kilglass close by. The Original House was still there one of the interesting items were try as we might we could not find the Stephens/Parks in four different Graveyards until we unravelled a connection of burial with the Conway Family.

Arlene remembered a very old family story she told to Sean about a death on a Farm in Kilglass which was told many times in America by her family. Astoundingly this story was told by a local neighbour at Kilglass when Arlene met him for the very first time , that in fact it was death by a Bull reassuring Arlene that the Old stories are maybe more factual than what we think they are.