Patrick McDonald

Exemplary Research and Tour

I am my family’s genealogist. When I found it difficult to get information from “across the pond”, I hired My Ireland Heritage for assistance. I would up that I did not need assistance because Sean and his son-in-law provided everything all the way and inclusive of the original Townland and living cousins who he found and introduced me to. My sister and I had a very enjoyable experience and their house while our cousin served us tea. We are now in communication with them which will last forever. I would have never been able to accomplish that feat. There must have been a lot of hours put into the research to accomplish this.

If you are looking into “My Ireland Heritage”, I highly recommend this company for your choice.


Patrick’s story was a joy to work on.  Patrick was the most knowledgeable man we have ever seen at My Ireland Family Heritage he could even talk about the coming of the Celts. He had no great expectations but when we were able to Find the exact locations for the McDonalds weeks before Patrick arrived he did not know that they would turn out in their numbers to welcome him home at Loughlinbridge.

The fascinating thing was Patricks relations would have known the great scientist John Tyndall who lived here in 1820 and also Myles Keogh the last man killed at the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876.