Nancy Henry

Successful Findings – Nancy and David Henry (Donnell)

“Once in a Lifetime Experience”

Sean Quinn and the My Ireland Heritage team provided me with a once in a lifetime experience in regards to my Irish ancestors. I contacted Sean when I made plans to be in Ireland for a week this summer. I knew where my great-great-grandfather was born but I realized that I had neither the time nor expertise to plan a meaningful visit to the area.

Nancy story is not unique but it is a common accurance. People come to Ireland and are unprepared for the difficulties involved in trying to find their relations and their family history. It is impossible to do it in one day unless you have had all the preparation done ahead of time. Firstly the records were devastated in 1922 Civil war and the Customs House Fire ( see Records) .If that wasn’t bad enough you may only find one Baptism but that is all the Team at My Ireland Family may require. 

From this we can find exact Parishes not just the Civil parish we find exactly where your Family practised their religion including old Church Ruins from the 15th Century onwards. Its also worth noting that each Town has three graveyards which one will be your Graveyard well rest assured we find the right one.

Lastly negotiating small lanes and roads is what family History is all about. Townlands have no markings and can be anything up to 2,500 acres but not alone will we find the right one we find your exact Location of the Original Homestead and stay with you throughout the process.

“Sean had arranged for us to meet with folks at churches where my ancestors had been baptized as far back as 1834, and we trekked through ancient cemeteries. Sean brings unbridled passion, energy, and expertise to his work. I will forever be indebted to My Ireland Heritage Tours for a most amazing experience” says Nancy.

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