Sample trip 6

Jane Sryquin, Texas & Julie Stuckel, Rockford, Illinois

Jane Sryquin from Texas had a life time ambition for her Mam to explore four Branches off her Family in Ireland. Read how they walked in the exact spot in their Native Carrick on Suir Chapel Lane and how the name changes of Roads and Laneways create no difficulty for My Ireland Team to unravel.

Jane, her Mam Julie, sister Amy and son Sam travelled to Ireland in May 2014 a life time ambition. Once the research was carried out on all branches of the Family a Tour was organised based on all of the Facts of the Croghan Lovett hartigan and Flanagan braches of the Family. The Tour travelled too the Roscommon area onto Mayo and a wonderfull stop with the Hartigan branch in Manistir Co Limerick where they met some long lost relations.

The Best part was finding the actual Lane way of the Lovett Family from Ballybricken Waterford in Carrick on Suir Chapel lane. Sean travelled to the area prior to the Trip and in discussions with Locals discoevered that the new Name for the Laneway was Lana Nua in Gaelige and in fact the Roadway was once called Chapel Street at the same time as our Baptismal Record date 1834. Without this extraordinary research and find we would never have got the chance to walk exactly where our Relations once lived.

My Ireland put on a Marvelous Tour in Co Meath as part of the Programme of seven days. Seán believes in getting to the Soul of Ireland and to achieve this a Trip around Co Meath including the 5000 year Old World Unesco Heritage site, Newgrange, Hill of Tara, St Columbas house which Sean had opened just for our Visit where the Book of Kells had been written and Finally the Battle of the Boyne site was organised.

– Jane Sryquin

Julie (Jane’s Mam)

I’ve just returned from a very special trip to Ireland and want to thank My Ireland Heritage and Sean Quinn, our genealogist/tour guide for providing me with one of the most meaningful experiences of my life.

The trip was a gift from my daughter on my 70th birthday. She knew that I had been researching our family for many years and had always wanted to see the land our ancestors left so long ago. Jane found My Ireland Heritage on the internet, and after comparing them with other companies and speaking with Sean she decided that this would be the perfect way for us to combine genealogy and sight-seeing in our adventure. She and my other daughter and 20 year old grandson were also coming along, and genealogy didn’t interest them as much as it did me.

I began working online with Sean 6 months before we were to leave for Ireland. I gave him as much information as I had on family members that left Ireland in the mid 1800’s with the hope that he would be able to locate some records, or at least a place that they had lived. Right from the beginning he began to send information to us, his contacts within Ireland and his access to records that we were unable to get online added a great deal to what I already had. Most importantly to be able to see the actual little towns that they left and to understand what living conditions must have been during those years, to learn about the quality of the land, was it good farmland, or rocky poor land, etc.. land quality stays the same over time. Sean even arranged for us to meet a descendent of my great-great grandmother when we toured Limerick. What a nice gentleman he was.

Because Sean had such an intimate knowledge of the history of the country and so much experience as a tour guide we got an education on every site we visited. We were up early in the morning and got back to our various hotels before dinner so we also got a chance to enjoy the nightlife in the pubs and restaurants. Contrary to popular belief, Irish food is great. We didn’t have a bad meal – and we toured a large part of the country. Wonderful beef, chicken, and seafood, fresh vegetables and fruit and fantastic baked goods. We didn’t gain any weight because we were always on the move – lots to see, and we saw it. Thanks to Sean’s great driving skills we hit the back roads that only a local would know so we saw things that you’d never see on a tour bus.

I will be going back to Ireland soon – I’ve learned a great deal about my family, where they lived, how they lived, why they had to leave their country; now I want to spend some time just enjoying the beautiful countryside and showing it to my friends who will be traveling with me. Thanks to Sean and My Ireland Heritage, I know we will have a great tour.

– Julie Stukel, Rockford, Illinois