Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey – Unusual Documents & Successful Findings

“Sean Quinn jumped out of the vehicle; ran down the road to ask for directions. He stopped to talk to two people in a car that was parked along the side of the road and unbelievably, they were two my Irish relatives!”

Unique moments happen to Seán and his team call it the luck of the Irish or just plain chatting to the locals Seán seems to find the right person at the right time.  

Mikes story was somewhat different from the start his sister already knew the family history and the connections in Ireland but they were never written down and when she sadly passed on he had no way of telling how he could find his family. That’s when he turned to My Ireland Family Heritage after much research the original Documents were found and a customised Tour organised. The Team at My Ireland made sure that Mike’s home coming was special.

“The genealogy research is excellent but you also need an expert to guide you around. There’s no way we could have duplicated what they do.Sean Quinn has a dynamic, energetic and positive personality that is perfectly suited for his work. He makes things happen. He could really be a Professor of Irish History.” Said Mike Bailey.

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