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“Irish History, Family Heritage, Culture, Nature – Everything in 7 Days!”

We hoped for a good genealogy connection and got MUCH more! Our experience with Sean Quinn and his My Ireland Heritage Team, greatly exceeded our highest expectations! The entire journey was personalized, by planning with Sean and Aishling well in advance. Roy Dobson

It is so important to see the whole history of the land its people and nobody does it better than the Team at My Ireland Family Heritage. See how man finally settle down after the Mesolithic period and builds Newgrange 5200 years old, older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids by 1500 years or see the Hill of Tara. (See One Day Tours) When you combine an off the road experience like a Genealogy Tour you have to be prepared for what gives the Irish Soul. The Coming of the Celts the Tuatha De Danann and how Ireland became its mystical self, The Monasteries, the coming off the Normans all will unfold before you as you travel around with the My Ireland Team who do it all as a “ One Stop Shop” from start to finish you are with Seán on this Journey.

It’s imperative to know why emigration took place and too see a famine workhouse, famine ship or even the sadness of a famine Graveyard. 

“We could go on, but suffice to say that Sean, Aisling and Ian made our journey through Ireland among the best possible experiences of our lives. They not only delivered professionally, but throughout the considerable time we’ve spent with them, we’re also happy to call them friends! WELL DONE!” The Dobson Family.

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