Lorrie Graham

Lorrie Graham from Colorado wrote:

I feel so fortunate to have discovered “My Ireland Heritage” when I was looking for my Irish roots.It was the best discovery that I made in my search for my first ancestor to leave Ireland and to immigrate to America. Ultimately, it was discovered that an ancestor was tied very closely to Brigham Young and helped pioneer the journey to Utah. Sean Quinn and his team were so thorough to be so affordable! It is not a company that simply renders a service. They sincerely wish to find your ancestor and have such a wealth of insider knowledge. I also got the sense that they were rejoicing right along with me as my story unfolded! The tours that Sean offers, combine excellent research with the thrill of walking in the footsteps of your ancestors, feeling the land beneath your feet, seeing what they saw and breathing the air! An experience like no other! Along with that, the tour is enhanced by Sean’s passion for his home and his extensive knowledge of history, especially ancient, sacred sites. I would highly recommend all of the packages My Ireland Heritage offers.

Seán loves what he does and the service is personal because he genuinely enjoys helping people and shares in the joy of their discovery! I also loved that a portion of the proceeds goes towards a very meaningful charity for children. The completed package I received was amazingly comprehensive and I was thrilled with everything I learned! It was a great value for the money. You will not find a better, more enthusiastic or knowledgeable research service anywhere else!