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The Torphy Family Walking in Footsteps of Their Ancestor - My Ireland Family Heritage

The Torphy Family

Case Study

The Torphy Family

The Torphy Family from Canada have decided to Walk in the Footsteps of their Ancestor Seán Torphy in the 100 year Celebrations of 1916 and are coming to Ireland in 2016.

torphyThis was an 80th Birthday gift for Seán Torphys Daughter Eileen.

Seán Torphy lead a fantastic life in Ireland. Born in Belfast he settled in the South of Ireland but because of the nature of his work travelled the length and breadth of Ireland . This was the Ireland of 1916 to the War of Independence and eventual Civil War in 1922 where unfortunately many of our Treasured Records were Lost.

A chance finding of the Old   Medals and War of Independence Letters of Commendation in an Attic Box led the Family to inquire from My Ireland if the research could be under taken and later a Tour be put together for Seán Trophy’s Daughter  to explore Ireland as a Tour with My Ireland Heritage in commemoration of the 1916 Easter Celebrations. The Family will also be represented at the 100 years Centenary in 2016 celebrations.

With time on their side to Plan the My Ireland Heritage Team can now research all aspects of the Tour prior to the families visit. This is imperative as it allows the Team time to survey all of the Sites and addresses including Collins Barracks now a National Museum which Seán Torphy may have used in the Ireland of the War of Independence. It was readily known that “Safe Houses” were used at this period to hide would be members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood as well as many members of the Forces as Seán Torphy was so much work will be carried out over the next twelve months.