Kelly and Michelle

Successful Findings – Michelle & Kelly Kirwan 

Trip of a lifetime! Exceeded Expectations!”

Finding your Ancestors Home is quite Unique and to Know they were Miners in the Wicklow Mountains in 1835 and Pennylvanian mines is such a dream come through.

Michelle and Kelly Kirwan had heard stories from their Great Aunt who had travelled to Ireland that the family were from the area of the seven Churches, Glendalough. Their Aunt had travelled there many years previously but was unable to find any real connection. So Kelly and Michelle decided to turn to the services off My Ireland Family Heritage knowing that this company do it all under one roof.

Seán set about researching and tracking the family and to the amazement of the ladies their family were in fact Miners in County Wicklow their original Family Holding in fact Sean was able to ascertain that the Kirwan family was renting in 1840 from the Mining Company, they were paying 10 shillings for a small Holding until the Famine hit. They decided to leave Ireland and head to Pennsylvania to carry on mining and living in the US.

It was a wonderful return to Ireland and we were able to customize the exact locations we wished to see which was brilliant especially to see the exact Church and Seán even had the exact locations of the Graves this exceeded our expectations. Sean is so interested in Irish History and is Government certified so visiting sites such as Glendalough, Wicklow Gaol, and the Wicklow Way (see one day tours) with an expert and getting the history was just terrific.

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