Don Ditter

Successful Findings – Don Ditter

“Priceless Memories – a 3-day guided tour of Ireland” and finding in the Freeman Journal Newspaper Tipperary a family connection with The Great Liberator of 1829 Daniel O ‘Connell was priceless.

Don Ditter worked with the My Ireland Family Heritage team for a year before his Visit to Ireland. It was a year well worth waiting for The My Ireland Team left no stone unturned when searching all our Data Bases and much more.  After defining the exact Home of the Caurneen family in County Tipperary . The link to the family took many weeks to find due to the misspellings in many of Ireland old records. (See Unique Documents and moments

Thankfully The Connection was found with the Great Catholic Liberator Daniel O’Connell in The Freemans Journal Newspaper .Daniel O’Connell fought in the British Houses of Commons to have the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829 Passed.

It was apparent that all the Caurneen brothers had to flee the area off Nenagh after a small rebellion in 1848 and headed to United States where they changed their names to Curran. “Without the great detective work of Sean and his Team we would never had been able to know this”said Mr Ditter.

The Team customised a Tour for Mr Ditter and his Wife based on the findings that the Caurneen Family had been heavily involved in the campaign with Daniel O ‘Connell. Mr Ditter visited all the areas synonymous with Daniel O Connell in County Dublin and his Monster meeting at The Hill off Tara County Meath. (See One Day Tours)

Best of all was to visit the Old Homestead for the Family in the Townland at Neagh County Tipperary and meet family connections the Grace family. “The system of Genealogy is so complicated in Ireland that you really do need someone on the Ground in Ireland working on your behalf “, said Mr Ditter

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