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“Special Visit to Our Families’ Townlands with Seán Quinn”
With the recommendation of Rick Steves I contacted My Ireland Heritage to schedule a visit to the historical homesteads for my wife and myself. I sent some information regarding our grandfathers and Seán’s team took it from there.

Beginning with genealogy research plus our reconnaissance, My Ireland Family Heritage created the most memorable visit to the Counties of Waterford and Mayo. A return to the area of Waterford and Curabaha Townland where the Walsh family still resided after 200 years was a great experience to share a breakfast with Mary and her son Patrick Walsh. This journey ended in the fantastic Glencairn Abbey where Ruth Anns Great, Great Grandfather and Grandmother gave Birth to their child who emigrated to the new world in 1867.

A return to the Parish of Attymass site of the very first Death of the famine 1845, for Jeff King was emotional his brother had visited their previously but was unable to find the Original Homestead but this is where My Ireland Family Heritage stepped in. It was off course the Birth place of the Famous Fr Peyton who became known all over the world for his slogan the “Family who Pray together stay together”. In both cases the Family were able to see original Church Documents. It was fascinating as the Head Curator at the Peytons center was a Holy Cross Father from Notre Dame as Jeff and his older brother was also.

We saw a Famine House and later to see the site of a cottage from the townland of my grandfather that has been rebuilt as The Irish Hunger Memorial in New York. We had tears of sorrow and joy to be able to see and feel a full measure of our Irish Heritage – and Seán was integral. Thank you Seán and your team for providing your expertise to create an experience of a lifetime!
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