Tracy Moffat

Fantastic find the Cassidy Family in County Meath still living in the Townland since 1775

Tea with My Cousin!!!

My husband and I just enjoyed an incredible day of tracing my Cassidy family roots which began with tea in the home of a cousin I never knew I had and included that cousin chopping a path back into the woods to see the ruins of the original family home and taking us to the family grave where our common ancestor is buried. I’m quite sure my cousins enjoyed it as much as we did! How amazing to find family members still living on the same land of our ancestors – and being able to meet two of them.

I can’t say enough about Sean and his team – all the above he researched and arranged in just over a weeks’ time! We were here in Ireland to attend The Cassidy Clan Reunion when I saw a write up about the work Sean did. A phone call to him and a bit of the luck of the Irish as he has a quiet week led to his team being able to pull off the remarkable day we had. I can hardly wait for what the rest of the research will unravel and of course the completed book.

Sean’s love of Ireland spilled over in all we saw today. He included a lot of history in our day and took us to several sites we had wanted to see. My husband and I have been blessed to make several visits to Ireland and this day and the work of Sean and his team will always stand out as one of the best!!!


This is not an unusual finding. We specialise in finding the exact house in the 1800s and then we can bring the story back in time and bring it alive. What is unusual is the records were actually found for the 1700s also and allowed us to identify that in fact the family had never moved from this 4 acres of land to the present day except for emigration in some parts.

Tracy and Mark Moffatt are involved as Professionals on the PGA Circuit and a month later My Ireland Family Heritage supplied a fantastic walking Tour of Dublin for 20 members of the community at their Headquarters in Florida.