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Successful Findings – Robin Murphy

“Exceptional & Unique Experience!”

In 1819 all the evidence pointed to Isaac Hocters child who we knew in our family was Henry but could never find him because the records on line never disclosed it. Seán once he had collaborated with the correct Parish Church, went straight to the beautiful Church in the Slieve Bloom Mountains and saw for himself that here was that elusive record of our long lost relative. How he achieved that we do not know as its quite apparent now that most Churches in Ireland will not help in this way any longer saying that all records are with the National Archives.

Now the story could really be told and the Tour could really begin.

If ever a Case tells you that check all records available especially the Original Church Documents Robin and Nancy Hocters is such a case. 

Armed with the Knowledge that the Family of Murphy and Hocter may have been From Cobh in Cork Seán , the team set out to prove exactly where the Family came from. It was always tradition that maybe after Emigration the Family of Hocter was from Cobh but the Team at My Ireland dispelled that myth when it was most apparent that the Hocters came from Kings County (County Offaly). Once all the research was established we were able to see exactly the position where the Old Farm Cottage used to stand in 1850. Seán made sure he got permission well in advance of our arrival in Ireland. As we entered through the Old Gate known locally as “ Hocters Gate” it was a magical experience.

“In retrospect, I wish we would have done the full Gold Package with this exceptional family genealogy and touring company. Seán really points out all of Irelands History from the Ice age through the Centuries you get a full sense of where your Family fitted in too Irish society” said Robin Murphy.

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