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Hagan Family, Florida


My Ireland Heritage provides an affordable opportunity to complete research on personal family history as well as tour not only personal heritage home towns, but also includes touring to the many fascinating historical sites of Ireland. Their knowledge is vast and all-encompassing while keeping the touring based on personal criteria. Many thanks to Sean Quinn and the rest of the My Ireland Heritage team. You certainly gave us a “Once in a lifetime” experience with your personal touches.

– Comments on Facebook by Laura Hagan

When the Hagan family visited their Family Town Land in Shandrum with My Ireland Heritage they were very happy to see all of the Old areas which their Ancestors lived. Seán had researched the Family and was aware that the Sheehan family had worked as Blacksmiths just outside of the Town area in the 1800s.

Seán felt it was imperative that the Hagan family visit this. The Roadway was most unusual coming up in the System as Road unknown. This is a feature of the many Roadways where the Population lived in the 18th and 19th Centuries.

Speaking with the Locals Seán was able to discover that the original Family outside of Newshandrum had purchesed the Old Protestant Church and Forge. A drive by became a marvellous occasion as Seán spoke with Pat Sheehan a local for centuries invited the Hagans into his Home. Conversations flowed pictures exchanged and uncanny Likenesses of all the families could be seen. It was a brilliant once in a lifetime experience to see the Local Sheehan Family sitting with the Hagans from Florida USA after their Ancestor William Sheehan had left Ireland in the 1840s for America.