Find of the Year

Journey through Time

Find of the year – 2018

It’s hard to know where to start when talking about the treasure chest of memories that I collected on the heritage journey that Sean and his family meticulously prepared for me and my sister. It was a journey through time to Edergole, County Leitrim, and the place of my Great Grandfather’s birth.  This is more than just a business for them; it’s a calling.

Imagine our surprise when they took us to the church where he was baptized, the cemetery where some ancestors were buried, and the actual (and remote) cottage where he lived, which has been lovingly restored and preserved by the current owners. It was no small feat, because it is hidden away on a country road that I wouldn’t be able to find myself in a million years!

I can’t say enough good things about the care that Sean, Ian, Aisling and Pauline took to make this a deeply meaningful experience for us. Pauline even painted a lovely picture of an Irish cottage for me that now hangs in my living room


Sarah’s Journey is not unusual with My Ireland family Heritage clients. We take each story seriously and pride ourselves on delivering The Correct Church & Graveyard the family used on a daily basis from 1600s to 1900s, not just ” The Civil Parish ” found on records.

We also take great pride in finding the exact House the family once lived in around the time of the Great Famine 1845-50. In fact we can find your exact house as far back as 1820 substantiated with “Facts”. If you can supply us with a factual document or we find a factual document in our research we can then proceed with a project based on our research.